Milton Lee Olive Park, Chicago

It’s incredible how well hidden this park is in plain sight… It’s not like it’s particularly small, and it’s right near Navy Pier, yet when we visited, we were the only people around; it was completely deserted.


Located just north of Navy Pier and just west of the purification plant, Milton Lee Olive Park is a beautiful little urban paradise. It’s the perfect spot to escape the city craziness of Chicago, while simultaneously enjoying one of the most beautiful views of the city over the water. The sand of the beach was spotless, the bare trees were beautiful in their own skeletal way, and the water was the most gorgeous shade of icy, winter blue.


It always amazes me to find such perfect little paradises like this so empty and barren… I guess it just goes to show that city dwellers everywhere probably need to take a little more time to escape the hectic, fast paced lifestyle and take a little time to sit back and enjoy the beauty of a big city from a distance every now and then.




6 thoughts on “Milton Lee Olive Park, Chicago

  1. So Chicago is my favorite city of the ones I’ve seen. I’m curious, compared to other places you’ve been (I’m guessing you’re more well traveled than me), what did you think? And what other city would you compare it to? πŸ™‚

    1. I really loved Chicago too!! I felt like it had a lot of similarities to my home city, Melbourne.. Great mix of old and new buildings, CBD on the river, lots of great hipster cafes popping up and fantastic food scene.. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I loved it and would go back in a heartbeat! When was your last visit??

      1. Two years ago unfortunately. I live in Richmond, VA (which actually has a lot of those things, just not the grandeur) and am in grad school, so I haven’t been able to swing another visit. But it’s on my bucket list of places to live! Also, I read another blog post recently talking about how great Melbourne is, so now I have to visit.

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