My Cameras

My current camera crew
(aside from the good old iPhone)


Olympus OM-1 (35mm film)
This is a super special one – my mum bought it for my dad for his 21st birthday back in the late 1970s, and after some special attention from my sister’s partner, it’s in perfect working condition for me


Kodak Brownie Anniversary Edition (110 film)
This was the first film camera I bought myself on eBay, using old-school 110 film – no flash, no focus, no bells or whistles, but god, I love it!


Halina Junior 400 (35mm film)
Another eBay rescue, allows for some adjustment for sunny/cloudy situations, but that’s about it. Another sweet little point-and-shoot for the outdoors.


Ricoh Auto 35 (35mm film)
Yet another eBay rescue, this one hasn’t been amazing just yet, but I’m willing to give her a few more chances


Canon EOS M10 (digital)
This little possum is the one who travels the world with me. I know how she works, she knows how I want to shoot, she’s quick and easy to capture moments when I’m on the move and don’t necessarily have the time to adjust settings, and no matter what the purists say, I love her.


Β Minolta Hi-matic 7 (35mm film)
Bookmarking my collection with the other super special piece – this one belonged to my grandfather in the 1960s, and was again carefully restored by my sister’s partner to be handed down to me. Here’s hoping my son can inherit this family collection one day, too!