Photo Journal: Nonna’s chocolate roll cake

My family is Italian, which means two things – the food is delicious, and recipes are rarely written down. They’re just remembered, somehow. One of the recipes I really wanted to learn to bake myself and ensure was recorded was my great grandmother’s chocolate roll cake. It’s my dad’s favourite, and he has some really fond memories around this cake. I was really excited when my auntie (dad’s sister) offered to show me the ropes and take me through the whole procedure.










3 thoughts on “Photo Journal: Nonna’s chocolate roll cake

  1. Thats a very special looking cake, is there a special Italian name for it? I want to try to find something similar in Melbourne to try haha. Its same here for Chinese recipes, there are no written recipes and there are no fixed quantities given for ingredients, everything is just an estimation.

    1. It tasted pretty special too πŸ™‚ No, no special name that I know of… I’ve always known it as Nonna’s chocolate roll cake! Isn’t it frustrating when the recipes aren’t written down?! So important for our generation to record it all!

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