USAdventure days 4, 5, 6 & 7: Los Angeles

Stayed at: Days Inn Hollywood

Ate at:
– double double animal style at In N Out
– the slut at Eggslut (felt so very inappropriate ordering that!!)
– chilli dog at Pink’s hot dogs
– double double animal style at In-N-Out
– The Original at Umami Burger
– Peanut butter cup cereal bowl at Another Kind of Sunrise
– pulled pork & donut at The Grove’s Farmers Market

Got up to:
– hired a car to drive from Anaheim to LA, then to Dodgers Stadium, Staples Center & Central Market
– The Grove
– Santa Monica and Venice Beach
– Hollywood Blvd, the Walk of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese Theater
– Universal Studios
– Greystone Park & Mansion



Disneyland eats: Award Weiners, Wetzels Pretzels & Tangaroa Terrace

Quite a few food options in the fantasy city that is Disneyland, and incredibly hit and miss as to what’s worth spending your money and calories on! Some of the places I enjoyed for a cheap eat on the run:

Award Weiners
Hollywood Land – California Adventure Park
– they do their dogs on wholemeal buns and even offer a side of apple slices instead of fries as a healthy option.

Wetzel’s Pretzels
Downtown Disney
– we tried the pretzel dog which was completely delicious, but they also did standard pretzels, sweet pretzels and even pretzel pizzas!

Tangaroa Terrace
Disneyland Hotel
– hidden in the hotel grounds, best option for a quick post-parade dinner at a decent price when all the other food spots have 30-60min waits. They have some burger/sandwich options as well as salads (I had a salad with kale, cabbage, pineapple, tomato, toasted macadamia nuts and tofu.. Which was crumbed and deep fried and absolutely, disturbingly amazing!!) and kids meals.


USAdventure days 1, 2 & 3: Disneyland!

Stayed at: Super 8 Anaheim Disneyland Drive

Ate at:
– burger at Trader Sam’s
– cheese dog at Award Weiners
– 3 course meal at Ariel’s Grotto
– pretzel dog at Wetzel’s Pretzels

Got up to:
– Disneylandddd!!!! Duh!
– also, World of Color
– ESPN Zone
– Disneyland’s Christmas parade
– Pixar Christmas parade


BRB, just going on another adventure!


So this is a bit exciting and totally surreal – as you read this, I’ll be boarding the plane that’ll take me to the other side of the world. To say this trip has been a long time coming is a gross understatement. When we started dating 10 years ago, husband and I both discovered the other badly wanted to take a trip around America. It was an impossible idea while we were completing university and renting our first house, considered and quickly discarded as a honeymoon option, knowing we couldn’t afford to do it properly after a wedding and buying a new house; an idea frequently entertained, but always kept on the back burner. That far off dream we all have that we’re never entirely sure will eventuate.

But right now, we’re buckling our seat belts and stowing our carry on bags in preparation for the long flight that is going to take us on the trip we’ve been waiting so long for. I won’t say that the adventure starts today; we started actively planning this trip around 16 months ago. What lies ahead of us now, after all of the planning, the saving, the sacrificing and compromising and dreaming, is a 45 day trip from coast to coast, with a few detours in between. Our path looks something like this…

Los Angeles
San Francisco
Las Vegas
Washington DC
New YorkNew Orleans
Isla Mujeres

A brand new travel journal sits right below the zipper of my carry on bag (probably being scrawled in right now), so that I can, as usual, capture it all while I’m on the road. I fully intend to blog about it all when I get back home, but in the mean time, 6 weeks is a very long time to go AWOL! So I’m going to be suspending regular programming and will post a quick update at the end of each city visit, of what we’ve been seeing and doing and eating and what not. Once I’m back in the real world, I’ll go back to posting properly, photos and all; I’d rather have time to write properly and do it justice than bombard you with rushed writing and crappy photos!

And if you want to see what we’re up to (and probably more importantly, what I’m eating), play along at home with Instragram :)

On that note, it’s time for me to momentarily put down my notebook and pen, shut my eyes, and let the reality sink in; I am living the life I’ve always wanted, the life of travel and adventure and discovery… we’re finally doing this!

The best I’ve eaten/cooked/read/shopped/seen in 2014!

This year has seen some of the highest highs, and some pretty crappy lows. It’s seen my return to blogging which has been awesome, and by the time I get back from the trip I’m starting tomorrow, I’ll have spent 20% of the last 12 months travelling! I’ve taken up yoga, which has helped get me through some seriously rough patches, eaten a lot of amazing food, and read a ton of great books. It’s been one hell of a year… and seeing as I’m not going to be in the blogosphere for the end of it, I thought I’d give a quick round up of some my favourite things so far this year!

1. 1090 Burger
2. Rockwell and Sons
3. Huxtaburger
4. Beatbox Kitchen
5. Laurie Dee’s

1. Shortstop Coffee & Donuts
2. Messina
3. All Day Donuts
4. Lillies on Brougham
5. Little Cupcakes

1. Red Door Corner Store
2. Ascot Food Store
3. Cafe Zen Den
4. Lady Bower Kitchen
5. The Breakfast Club

1. N. Lee Bakery (banh mi)
2. Seoul Soul (Korean)
3. Cedars Bakery (Middle Eastern)
4. T’s Vietnamese Classics (Vietnamese)
5. Maney’s Dumplings (Chinese)

1. Le Bon Ton (American/BBQ)
2. Nieuw Amsterdam (American)
3. D.O.C. Pizza & Mozzarella Bar (Italian)
4. Jimmy Grant’s (Greek)
5. Po Boy Quarter (American)


1. Best ever chocolate mug cake
2. Healthy peanut butter cookies
3. Lemon chia seed cake
4. Melbourne breakfast tea cookies
5. Peanut butter & Nutella cookies

1. Easy meatball bun cha
2. Pretzels
3. Pork, macadamia, cranberry & sage sausage rolls
4. Super easy pulled pork
5. Scrambled egg & chorizo breakfast tacos


1. University of Hard Knocks by Ralph Parlette
2. Away From It All by Cedric Belfrage
3. Gumbo Tales by Sarah Roahen
4. The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen
5. The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton

1. Street fooding in Vietnam
2. Being stuck in the middle of the SHUTDOWN BANGKOK movement
3. Cycling the islets of Hoi An
4. Playing tourist at home with street art and cool suburbs
5. Late night street food on the streets of Bangkok

1. City Basement Books, Melbourne
2. Ben Thanh Night Market, Ho Chi Minh City
3. Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok
4. QVM Winter Night Market, Melbourne
5. Terra Madre, Melbourne


It’s been a big year so far…

And tomorrow the newest adventure begins! Here’s to bigger and better things in 2015!