The Roman Forum, Rome

You’re in the middle of Rome, a beautiful city with a big history. There are cars flying around the cobblestoned roads, people yelling and laughing, tourists stopping to take photographs and locals rushing about their every day business. You are literally in the middle of a city, when you stumble upon the remains of the Roman Forum, the excavated heart of the Roman Empire. This is where it all went down – from commerce to processions, prostitution to elections, criminal trials to business deals, and just about everything in between. The city’s most important structures were generally based around the Roman Forum, including the surviving Temple of Saturn, Temple of Castor and Pollux, Temple of Vesta and quite a few more.

But, you can take a history lesson any time you please, so let me show you why this is such a beautiful and important site. For me, it’s like being transported to another world. It feels surreal. You can feel in your bones how truly ancient and impressive a site it is now and once was.