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Heya, I’m Jess, thanks for stopping by :)

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I’m a Melbourne girl who loves to travel, eat, cook, explore, read, photograph, wander, learn, discover and especially write :) I’m using this online space as a kind of electronic journal and time capsule; I want to be able to look back over my adventures and remember them all, and I also want to leave some sort of record of what life was like for a girl like me. Because, over time, things change. Lifestyles evolve and cities are re-built and all the rest of it; things are pretty good right here and now, and I want that to be recorded somewhere, so that in years to come people can see what it was like “back in the day…” :)


How’d I get to blogging? Well, I finished uni with a degree in Exercise Science and worked for almost 10 years in the health and wellness industry. I’m a qualified masseuse. I’m an ex-travel agent. I’ve put together my own cookbook. I’m a black belt martial artist, and spent more years than I can count coaching basketball. Through some good fortune and a lot of hard work, I’ve finally created a really nice life for myself, something I’m really proud of, something I didn’t think would ever be a reality (it’s sometimes hard to see that things can get better from under a fog of depression).


But, clearly, I have issues with restlessness and the inability to choose a path. I thought I was meant to just finish uni, get a “good” job, get married, have kids, live happily ever after. While that’s the dream for a lot of people, I’ve discovered that’s not for me. And that’s why I’ve been so restless; I’ve been putting all of my energy into trying to avoid taking a life path I knew I never wanted. Now, I’ve discovered that my path is a little different to the norms and stereotypes; for me, I need constant movement and learning. Being content with my nice life isn’t enough anymore – I want more than content and satisfied. I’m sick of playing it safe and doing what I’m “meant to do” by society’s standards – I don’t have time for that! Life’s too short!


So, here we are. I’ve created a space where I can write, and share the things I love, both locally in my beautiful city of Melbourne, as well as globally on my travels. I want to share the amazing things that make my happy and keep me ticking – food, markets, real people, street art, small shops, photos of beautiful places unknown, recipes I’ve been driven to create and/or re-create, books I’ve read that have inspired me, even accommodation and restaurant recommendations. I also wrote a post to re-introduce myself in September 2015, to acknowledge some big changes in my life since I first started writing here in early 2014, which in turn has affected my writing style a little.


It’s been incredibly freeing now that I’ve finally realised I actually don’t have to go with the flow and be like “everyone else,” something which seems to be especially tough for women, still.  But with that freedom of working out what you don’t want in life comes the challenge of trying to discover what you do want and how to get that. That’s where I’m at right now in my life, and I’m hoping that doing more of what I love and documenting the journey might help bring a little more clarity. There’s so much out there for us to all experience in our lifetimes, and I’m hoping that this little journal of mine can help a few other wandering souls out there make some discoveries of their own  : )


Whatever the reasons are that bring you here, be it for somewhere cute to brunch at in Melbourne this weekend, a hotel to stay at in New York, fun shopping in Paris, a recipe for Vietnamese food or just a good book to read after you’ve been market-trawling, I hope you find something here that makes life just a little bit more fun and exciting and fulfilling! I also decided to expand my writing, putting together my second cookbook in 2016 – I’d love you to meet The Kitchen Passport!


As well as writing, I love love love documenting life through photos as well, and plenty of pictures of my day to day life are on instagram (another online time capsule of sorts I guess, of life as a young Melbournian in the early 2000s…); come find me here  : ) And if you’d like to say hi ask me more questions, share your stories, anything at all, you can contact me at:

Aaaand if you’d like to know where in the world I’ve been (so far), here’s my list – new adventures are always in the planning, so recommendations very much welcomed and encouraged!!


Life is short, and you only live once… but if you live it right, once is enough!

51 thoughts on “All about me : )

  1. Jess, you took the words right out of my mouth. Far too often, we settle, take the easy road, and conform to social norms, but the people we all admire, are those who take life by the horns and own it. You cannot accomplish anything without taking risks, and I think you have exactly the right mindset to live a fruitful life.

    Can’t wait to read more of your posts!

    • Ohh thank you so much Shane, never underestimate the difference encouragement like that can make on someone’s life! Much appreciated that you took the time to stop by, and I’m looking very much forward to many more great posts to come at your space too! : )

  2. Really love your photos! I see a strong Asian influence in them (food, restaurants and buildings), if you ever come to Beijing, let me know and I can show you some of the most original places here.

    Keep posting!

    • Oh absolutely – I love Asian food! It’s always so simple, yet the flavours are so complex… I’d love to visit Beijing one day and will definitely stay in touch :) Make sure your return the favour if you ever visit Melbourne! Thanks for stopping by :) xo

  3. Hello lovely, thank you for being brave and bold enough to take the plunge and do the things that you dream of! Looking forward to this chronicle of your adventures :)

    • And right back at ya my dear :) It’s so nice to meet other women who are working hard and supporting each other when so many 20-somethings are just catty and competitive!

  4. This post was super inspiring, as it completely describes how I’m feeling at the moment and the reason I started my blog last month! While I’m reasonably happy in my regular job, I’ve realised that my true passions lie in food, travel and fitness, and I’m really enjoying being able to blog about them and share my experiences :-)

    I visit Melbourne fairly often, so I’m looking forward to getting some ideas from your blog of places to try out!

    • Ohh thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by! Nice to meet another kindred spirit on here :) You’ve got some delicious looking food too, and loved your Vanuatu post – I did the abseil with Edge too a few years ago!!

  5. “Life is short, and you only live once… but if you live it right, once is enough!” Inspiring. Looking forward to read your blogs! Beautiful pics BTW! :)

  6. I have good memories of eating a fig stuffed with mascarpone and burek at the Queen Victoria market in Melbourne. What would be your local recommendation for a food market, if that one is too touristy?

    Also, if you’re ever in Jakarta, I could give you a few pointers…

    • Ohh the food at the QVM is amazing, I’m sure that memory is a great one! I’m a big fan of the Preston Market personally, as I visited it with my grandparents frequently as a child, and the food is incredible there! It’s out in the suburbs too, which means not a tourist in sight!

      Thank you so much – I’ll be sure to be in touch should I ever get to Jakarta (everywhere is on my list, I’m slowly ticking it all off…)

      • Cheers for following BuildingMyBento, and for the market recommendation, Jess!

        Do you frequent the Greek part of town as well? In which cuisines do you reckon Melbourne excels?

      • Thanks for the great blog!

        I try to visit everywhere to be honest – Melbourne seems to be excelling in everything at the moment! Vietnamese & asian street food seems to be big at the moment :)

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  8. I just have to say everything you’ve said on here resonates with my beliefs so much, and I’m also doing the same, so I really can’t wait to read more from you :) I’m from Melbourne as well so I’m looking forward to finding out about some great places here too that I don’t know about!

    • Ohh thank you so much, that’s such a lovely message to start my morning :) It’s always reassuring to know you’re not alone and others hold your beliefs in common! Looking forward to following your adventures too! xo

    • Thanks Deborah, that was mistake in my excitement & rush to get that post done; I’d meant to write that it was the work of the brother of the founder of the Miss Chu chain! Thanks for picking that up though :)

  9. no worries at all. wanted to send you a DM but couldn’t find another way. All the best and keep on posting!

  10. Hi! So glad you found and decided to follow my blog…so I could find yours! I’ve been struggling A LOT with the “typical” path of most of my friends in the United States. And while it is totally admirable to graduate from uni and start a career path, I guess I just wasn’t ready to do that for the rest of my life.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. I think quitting my job and traveling Europe for a couple months is the best decision I’ve ever made. Now I just need a way to keep traveling forever!

    • Ohh thanks girls :) I have been nominated before, so I won’t “accept” it this time, but I’m thrilled to be one of the bloggers whose work you enjoy, thank you for the lovely compliment :)

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