Eating the city: Prague, Czech Republic

Let’s take a quick break from all of the doom & gloom, and take a quick trip instead to Prague. I loved Prague, so much more than I expected to, and the food had a lot to do with that. It is by no means health-conscious or particularly good for the body, eaten in large quantities, but it is good for the soul. And when you’re travelling, soul food is never a bad idea.


Fried cheese sandwich

Why get it: A brick of cheese, crumbed and deep fried to the perfect shade of golden brown, topped with mayonnaise and thrown into a bread roll. If you know, you know.

We got ours from: 
Wenceslas Square, at a street vendor – there were plenty to choose from.


Ham filled potato dumplings

Why get it: I chose this because I didn’t want a slab of meat – it was so good, I went back the next day and ordered it again! It may look very beige-and-brown, but the chunks of smoked ham in the potato dumplings are phenomenal.

We got ours from: U-Medvidku – Na Perštýně 345/5, 100 01 Staré Město (Old Town). Because when Anthony Bourdain recommends a place, we hunt it down like rabbid dogs, and are always richly rewarded!


Fancy cakes

Why get it: To break up the meat and potatoes… But also because Prague does surprisingly well in the cake department, if you can find the right place to get them from!

We got ours from: Café Savoy – Vítězná 124/5, Vítězná 5, 150 00 Praha. Yes, this place has become very popular with tourists, but from what we saw, it is also still very popular with locals, and for a good reason.



Why get it: Like gnocchi, but smaller and smothered in butter, cheese and bacon (at least the version we had was).

We got ours from: Christmas markets, accompanied with a neighbouring stall’s mulled wine.


Chimney cake

Why get it: A delicious dough cooked to golden brown on a rotisserie, with a whole lot of Nutella smothered on the inside of it and topped with a heavy dusting of sugar. What’s not to love?

We got ours from:
More Christmas markets – they have all the good stuff!

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