A few more changes to the blog…

After returning to the blog a few weeks ago, I’ve had a chance to really think about what I want my little corner of the internet to look like. It seems that it’s time now for it to evolve a little, to become a space where I can integrate all three of my loves: travel, writing and photography. I’ve changed the name of the blog, Documented By Jess, to reflect this (but I haven’t changed the URL to make things easier for links etc!), and if you head to the main menu, you’ll see some new options…
TRAVEL: You’ll find all of my food and travel writing up to this point under the BLOG section of my menu. All of my new travel blog posts (and yes, I am working on lots of new ones!) will live here, so if that’s the reason you visit, it’ll still be here for you!
WRITING: You’ll find a few submenus in this area including other places my writing has been featured, and both fiction and nonfiction pieces I’ve written. Writing has always been such a love for me, and I realised that I’ve only been sharing on here a small facet of what I write about. Putting on my big girl pants now and getting ready to share more of what I write.
PHOTOGRAPHY: I started carrying a little film camera around everywhere at a very young age – then the world went digital. I’ve recently returned to film photography in addition to using my DSLR and iPhone to capture my world; rather than starting yet another Instagram account or blog, I’ve decided to use my blog’s Instagram account to share more of my photography. Head to this area to meet my cameras and follow the link to my Instagram account for more.
If you’re still here, still reading (even if only sporadically) after all this time, thank you. As I’ve said before, I started this blog for me, as a space I could record moments of my life, but every person who comes here to share in my stories means the world to me.

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