And we’re back!

Wowwww this feels so weird… it has been a really long time since I last sat in front of an empty WordPress post to start writing. Call it COVID-19 isolation madness, call it the often mind-numbing monotony of being a new stay-at-home-mum, call it the inevitable pull of my love of storytelling calling me back. But here we are, back in front of the keyboard. Now, where to start…

A lot has changed since I said my temporary farewell back in November 2018, and I guess the first thing you’ll notice is that I’ve changed up the layout of this site. The standard first step of the “fresh start, fresh look” routine. The other big change is that I am thankfully no longer pregnant – our little guy, Jasper, came along in January 2019, as planned… sort of.

In no way associated with the crippling sickness I experienced throughout the pregnancy, Jasper was born with a rare medical condition requiring an almost 2 month-long stay in NICU, almost 8 months of being tube fed, and a few rounds of pretty nasty surgery. He has a few more operations coming up and we still have a very busy schedule of regular specialist appointments. Which might explain why I’ve stayed away from here for so much longer than I’d originally intended; becoming not only a new mum, but essentially a low-level nurse overnight took up a lot of time and energy. That said, I didn’t stay away from writing all together – I’ve spent the last 12 months researching medical journals and writing a book about Jasper’s condition. It’s so uncommon that we struggled to find any information on it, so I decided to put my forced time at home to use and work on a resource that might help some other scared new parents in the position we were in. It’s almost done and should be due for release in the next few weeks, so watch this space! All the drama and continual medical appointments aside, I’m now an exhausted but proud mum to a very sweet, sassy, funny little boy who doesn’t know the meaning of giving up 🙂

There have been other changes, too, of course. But the one solid that’s remained is my love of travelling and documenting and story telling. It’s going to be a slow re-start for me, so posts will be few and far between for a while. Step one for me will be getting my blog’s Instagram account back up and running; over the next few weeks, you’ll start seeing some more action over at – I’ll be posting some of my personal travel throwbacks, re-visit some of my older posts, share some of my favourite places, and post some great travel book recommendations to help everyone get their travel fix while we’re all in lockdown and start the ideas flowing for post-COVID travel plans. For those of you still receiving and reading this, thanks for sticking around 🙂 it’s good to be back!

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