Eating the city: Hanoi, Vietnam

Let’s eat our way through another city… let’s go to Hanoi  🙂

Bún chà
Every city does it a little differently, but its most popular in Hanoi. Places like this do an incredible spread of food – for only a few dollars, we got a pile of vermicelli, a bigger pile of fresh herbs, a big bowl of freshly fried spring rolls, a bowl each of broth and grilled meat, and fresh lime, garlic and chili. Just so much deliciousness! You can find this amazing place right here.



Snake wine
You’re gonna see some weird stuff in Vietnam. And when you do, you have two choices: run away from it, or embrace it. When we sat down to down to a nice dinner and spied an enormous glass jar filled with what we guesed to be some type of rice wine, a few snakes and a chicken carcass, we figured “when in Rome…” And that’s how we came to drink Vietnamese rice wine infused with dead cobra and chicke



Coconut jelly
There are some delicious desserts in Hanoi, especially in a lot of the little hole-in-the-wall family restaurants. My favourite was coconut jelly, especially ones like this with little coloured fruit and jelly bits in it.


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