Tea time: Cocobana Tea Rooms & Garden, Hoi An

Cocobana Tea Rooms & Garden
16 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hoi An, Vietnam

I think the best way to describe Cocobana would be a little paradise within paradise. Hoi An had so many beautiful little tea houses, like the Reaching Out Tea House I wrote about last week, but this one was so different to the rest of them. It was the most beautiful, bright, happy little space you could imagine to enjoy your tea in… I mean, look at the entry; it’s a giant tea pot water feature! I was in love straight away 🙂

Walk on in, and once you’ve breathed a sigh of relief at the air conditioning, you’ll be met with a wall of tea. Oh so much tea… oh so exciting! They have literally dozens of options to choose from, hot and cold, as well as a great coffee menu. And the best part? They’re all available to take home!

But before the shopping, it was tea time. The afternoon we visited was towards the end of a particularly hot and humid day, and we both needed iced tea. Husband went for a mango green iced tea, with chunks of fresh mango swimming around the bottom of the jar (yes, it’s a little hipster, but the tea and service are so good, you can forgive them serving tea in jars), and I went with the lychee. The teas were amazing, perfectly refreshing on such a hot day, and the chunks of fruit gave it proper flavour (as opposed to some places that just added a squirt of fruit flavoured syrup).

It didn’t end there, though; our tea was served up to us on a hand-painted wooden tray with the most beautiful incense holder I’ve ever seen. This little Buddha was streaming incense smoke from the top of her head, and the calming effect it had on both of us was instant. Husband isn’t usually one for this sort of thing, but even he commented on it, and said “it’d be great to get one of those to take home…”

As luck would have it, when I went to the counter to pay for our iced teas, a beautiful little tea cup and a jar of pandan tea to take home, I took a little walk around while my tea cup was being wrapped. Lucky I did – the little incense holders were tucked around the corner, so I added one of them to my shopping bag, too 🙂 It now sits on a bamboo mat on our coffee table in the middle of our lounge room, and is lit almost every morning and afternoon, before and after work, to help us both zen out.

I also had a great chat to the guy looking after my order and payment, who told me he’d only moved to Hoi An a few months earlier, to get away from the busy city of Saigon and find a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle; he couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place to do that in! It was the best afternoon timeout; the tea was fantastic, the staff were so friendly and helpful, and I got some beautiful souvenirs to take home with me. Whether you’re a tea or coffee drinker, this is a must-visit if you’re heading to Hoi An 🙂

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