Travel Tuesday: my top 15 insta-spirations

The countdowns are on in our household, for not one, but two upcoming adventures; we leave in a few days for Vietnam, and have an epic journey planned for this time next year. The excitement that’s been building for Vietnam has led to more excitement about next year’s trip, too, and as a result, I’ve been spending a lot of time trawling through Instagram for inspiration, motivation, and stuff for my to-see-&-do list.

I’m not on Facebook, and I don’t get Twitter – Instagram is my social media drug of choice. It’s the perfect platform for someone like me who loves to look through beautiful images, with the space for a little story to go with them, and connect with like-minded souls. I find it the perfect place for inspiration when I’m feeling a bit mehh – you know those days where you just can’t even? On those days, I like to see how other people are living their dreams, which gives me that bit of a push to get through the crappy day at work or the crappy gym workout or the crappy flu.

Anyway, with our great escape plans underway, these are some of the Instagram accounts that have been filling my mind with ideas…



image1. @iheartnola

This online journal showcases the best of New Orleans. It’s beautiful city porn, and I cannot get enough. This feed makes me realise that I was so caught up in the excitement of actually being there on my first visit that I missed so many beautiful little details; won’t make that mistake again!


image2. @where_summer_is.efremova_elena

This insanely talented woman paints the most magnificent watercolour “photographs” – as someone very new to watercolouring, this is incredible travel art inspiration, and motivation to practice.


image3. @paulzizkaphoto

Paul is a landscape photographer who does his best work in Canada’s picture perfect parks – I had a few recommendations to follow him if I was planning a trip to Banff & Jasper, and I’m glad I listened!


image4. @bookstoresoftheworld

Book porn. I will always find bookstores to trawl through when I visit a new city, regardless of whether any of the books are in English or not. Scrolling through this feed, and list grows exponentially…


image5. @afarmedia

From the AFAR Media team, this is a gorgeously curated feed – think stunning colour, focus on details, and beautiful places you’ll want to investigate a little more.


image6. @misterweekender

“A travel blog in the pursuit of adventure and nature.” Yes, please! This Aussie girl has seen and captured some absolutely breathtaking scenes that really make me want to take a road trip and just explore.



A ladies-who-travel collection where adventurous gals around the world can contribute their tales. I love seeing the beautiful places some of these women discover, and the gorgeous photos they take there – also, love a bit of travel fashion inspiration!


image8. @symmetrybreakfast

The most perfectly symmetrical foodporn I ever did see… They’re inspired by breakfasts all around the world, which only encourages me to base good portions of my travels around my favourite meal of the day – I’ve discovered so many amazing breakfasts I didn’t know existed!


image9. @globelletravels

A lady-travel community that doesn’t feature perfect, tall, tanned, skinny, made up models in picture perfect poses. The pictures on here are beautiful because they’re REAL; real women with real dreams, who are really going out and doing something amazing with their lives. And the stories behind the pictures are even more beautiful 🙂


image10. @1st

I love this guy’s work. It’s raw and real and really gets to me, especially his portraits. The way he captures emotion on people walking down the street is something incredible.


image11. @sendingstache

Makes nature look sexy, and has the best random captions that have nothing to do with his subjects. His shots made me want to actually just hike up a mountain to get a money shot half as good.


image12. @eminchilli

Elizabeth Minchilli’s feed is all the beautiful parts of life in Rome, with a solid smattering of pasta. Her recommendations on where to get a good bowl of cacio e pepe have been duly noted, and her #carciofogram pictures make my heart so happy! Her shots make me really proud to be Italian, and really excited to go back.


image13. @sephlawless

He’s been one of my favourite photographers for a long time now, because he’s just brilliant. He documents abandoned sites around the world, showing the destruction and devastation left behind by a full gamut of events from natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina to poverty and economical downturns. As someone fascinated by abandoned and decrepit places, this guy’s work speaks to me like no one else’s, and continues to open my eyes in so many different ways.


image14. @dannymota

I started following this one a few months before our USA trip –  we were going to Chicago and I really didn’t know that much about the city, so I Googled Chicago instagram accounts, and this kept popping up on everyone’s lists. Absolutely stunning photos of a truly beautiful city, using image manipulation and colour on black like magic.


image15. @e_mcevoy

I was lucky enough to have met this talented lady a few years ago, being a friend of my sister’s. Her work is other worldly, surreal.. she does incredible things with light and shadows, and makes the natural environment look like a playground of the gods. She’s also photographed some spectacular places from Iceland to Namibia, and inspires severe wanderlust every time I look at her feed!







6 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: my top 15 insta-spirations

  1. Vietnam, how exciting!!! I will live my dream through your photos and posts of/about the place. Hope you have a wonderful time and get back with loads of stories to taunt us with afterwards 😉 Also, thanks for sharing these beautiful accounts, while I was following some already I discovered others that have brilliant photography! Like you, I am all about Instagram and beautiful imagery. xoxo, nano

    • Thanks Nano, I’m glad you’ve discovered some new accounts to fawn over! And I will absolutely have a ton of photos and posts coming – hopefully they convince you to visit one day, too!

  2. Hi Jess
    I don’t have a facebook account too & a big fan of Instagram ! Thanks for sharing these… They’re all wonderfully inspiring 🙂
    Aaand, have a fun trip in Vietnam! Can’t wait to read all about it 🙂

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