Eat for a good cause with HealthBreak: The Lunch Shout

What if you could get a delicious lunch delivered to your workplace and help fight hunger at the same time?


Enter HealthBreak, a new social enterprise that’s working to make a real difference in Melbourne. In their own words, they’re…

… in business to create an amazing Foodie lunch service, but rather than distribute profits to shareholders we also distribute 100% of profits to Melbourne’s Food Charities and Welfare Agencies to fight hunger in Melbourne.

Each and every day countless Melbourne men, women and children are turned away from the soup kitchens and welfare agencies because there isn’t enough food relief available. It’s called Food Insecurity and coupled with the massive amount of Food waste, there’s a real need to have these problems addressed.

It’s not a real flattering image for the city that’s been voted “most livable” five times in the last few years.

I may have been approached by Rob from HealthBreak to spread the word, but little did he know this is something I actually do feel very strongly about. Mum and I were actually talking about it the other night at dinner, about something dad taught me; I remember vividly the first time I was out to lunch with dad and a homeless man approached looking for money, and dad offered to buy him lunch instead. Since working in the city, taking a leaf out of dad’s book I now do my best to regularly go and buy a sandwich for someone who looks like they might need it, but it’s going to take a lot more than that to effect real change.

Enter Rob and Annette, and HealthBreak. Their plan is this:

For each $13.50 lunch combo sold, we donate 70 cents to a leading Food Charity so they can provide a meal to a Melbournian that’s doing it tough. Rather than distribute a dividend to shareholders from profits (after our operational costs), we distribute it all to Welfare Agencies and Food Charities via a microgrants program.

We also hope that our quality nutritious lunches will help support the health and wellbeing of Melbourne’s workers and by purchasing through us, it will help small businesses and suppliers in the local Food Industry to remain financially viable and contribute even more to our local economy.

And they way you can get involved and help them get his off the ground is by joining their crowdfunding campaign, THE LUNCH SHOUT. Follow the link to find out more, but basically, you can shout yourself a nice lunch, or your friends or family of colleagues (hint hint, bosses!).. So easy! Pledge $13 and you’ve got one lunch coming your way. Pledge $40 and you get 3 meal + drink combo vouchers. Got $140? That’ll get you a cooking class, a 6 person serving of Four Nonnas Artisan Pasta and a meal for someone in need.


And obviously, being the food lover that I am and advocate for healthier work lunches (particularly when the majority of CBD office workers don’t move nearly enough during the work day), I wanted to test it out for myself; as I’ve said before, invitations are lovely, but I’m not endorsing anything I wouldn’t pay for myself. I ordered a Four Nonnas Roast Vegetable Lasagna; most people don’t get enough veggies in, so this seemed a more fun option than a salad.


It arrived all packaged up in a plastic tub within a thick plastic bag. The label has ingredients, cooking instructions and nutritional information. All the basics and essentials. I followed the instructions, heating it first in the microwave and then in the oven – it turned out perfectly, although you could certainly just microwave it longer instead of using the oven.


Being Italian, I’m a bit of a pasta snob, so I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high, but the worry was unwarranted – it was delicious! Especially as a healthier midweek lunch alternative; it was packed full of veggies, well seasoned, and really delicious, as well as being a good serving size – not so small that I was still hungry afterwards, not so big that I felt sick. Would definitely order this again, especially for those colder Melbourne days at work when you want a bit of comfort food without all the extra unhealthiness.

Other meals include Sri Lankan curries from Candy ‘n’ Spice, Slovak goulash with dumplings from Real Meal Kitchen, and pork & prawn dumplings with dipping sauce from Crave More. The Four Nonnas pastas have my attention now, though; next on my list has to be their organic mushroom ravioli with truffle oil…

Oh, and if you join their mailing list or attend a Facebook event tomorrow (Tuesday 17th May) to promote The Lunch Shout and draw prizes, youll automatically be in their prize draw to win free meals and other great foodie prizes 🙂

4 thoughts on “Eat for a good cause with HealthBreak: The Lunch Shout

  1. Jess this is a fabulous idea! I am so surprised ot hear of Melbourne’s food insecurity issues considering that they top most every list for livability. Your Dad’s idea of buying someone food is one we go by all the time. We have volunteered at our local Foodbank weekly for the last 10 years. We always say support local charities helping the hungry and homeless with money and time and give food on the street.

    • It’s something that I think a lot of people are surprised to learn about Melbourne, particularly given our strong “foodie” culture. Congratulations though on your decade of selfless help, that’s so kind of you guys and it’s so comforting to know there are such wonderful people out there doing their best 🙂

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