Read this: Diner by Andrew Levins

by Andrew Levins

Written by Andrew Levins, a DJ turned restauranteur, back in 2012 when American BBQ was just starting to gain popularity in Melbourne, this is the perfect cookbook for getting started in the craft.

Full of mouth-watering photos and well explained recipes, I’ve been using this book semi-regularly since buying it a couple of years ago – he’s got some great salsas, dill pickles, and some unreal sandwich ideas. He’s also got some intimidating looking low & slow style recipes that I’d been avoiding.

But having won a gorgeous new Weber BBQ at the McCormick’s American BBQ Masterclass last year, husband and I decided to use the ANZAC Day public holiday to finally put our fears of meaty failure aside and give it a crack. We used my own personal special dry rub concoction with Levins’ recipe for smoked ribs, and I can’t believe I can say it, but they turned out magnificently!

This book also has really great and helpful tips on everything from how to get the perfect burger to how to slow cook properly; once I actually read through the tips, those intimidating recipes weren’t as scary.

If you’re into your American food, this is a fantastic book to have – everything from mac & cheese and hot dogs to fried chicken, cola & beer braised short ribs and ribwiches are covered, and they’re all doable; they also make for one hell of a feast!


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