Supporting mental health recovery: welcome to Gypsy & Moon

Welcome to Gypsy & Moon!


I love to knit and sew, and have ever since my grandmother taught me as a kid. Having struggled with depression, anxiety and disordered eating for many years now, I’ve always found that creating things has been a great outlet and way of dealing with it all. I’ve been knitting a lot of blankets lately, and I obviously can’t use as many blankets as I’ve been making, so I thought I’d start selling them and giving a little back to the recovery community 🙂

I’ve hand knit all of the blankets I’m selling myself, and have hand stitched all of the embellishments. Every blanket is a one-off, individual piece, so you can be assured no one else will have the same special blanket as you! They’re all small blankies, and are perfect for your beautiful little human and fur babies alike. They’re great for baby cribs, laying on the floor for play time, snuggling up with on long car rides or flights, or just something special to brighten up the nursery 🙂


They also make beautiful blankets and mats for your extra special fur baby; Marley has a few himself – since he’s been so instrumental in my recovery, I figured he deserved some beautiful, custom, luxurious blankies to get comfy on!

As I mentioned before, I also really want to do something to help the recovery community and to give back, so I’m going to donate 8% of each purchase to BeyondBlue, R U OK? and the Butterfly Foundation – it’ll be your choice with your purchase which one you’d like your donation to go towards.


I’ve decided to eschew the online store route and list these blankets for sale on both Instagram and GumTree instead; online stores, while fantastically run, do all charge fees for listing and selling, and I want the money to go to a good cause instead! So, if you’d like to buy a blanket, just send me message via my “store” on GumTree, Instagram or email at – I’ll get back to you to find out your email address, postage address and the organisation you’d like your donation to be made to, send a PayPal invoice, and get your new blanket shipped off within 2 business days of receiving payment – easy!

Creating these blankets has been a really fun and healing process for me; I hope they bring huge amounts of comfort to whoever ends up with them, and that the money we raise can really make a difference 🙂


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