Eat here: Northern Soul, Melbourne

Northern Soul
843 High St, Thornbury

Happy hump day, kids! I hope everyone has a better day lined up than I do; I’ll be off having a few wisdom teeth ripped out in a few hours  >.<  I’d obviously rather be brunching, so let’s talk about that, instead.

I’ve had a bit of a crappy few weeks, so I was pretty excited to have not one but two lady breakfast dates over the weekend, with my two best friends 🙂 yay! Saturday morning’s breaky was at Northern Soul, and the second I set foot in the place, I was ready to use said foot to kick myself for having lived in the area for two and a half years and not having visited before.

I was in there all of 60 seconds before being hit by a combo of beautiful space, sexy dessert display, killer menu, super lovely staff and a general all round happy vibe. That’s what you want on a Saturday morning after a trying fortnight. In their own words, Northern Soul is a place where you can sit down, relax and enjoy some of the most delicious food in Thornbury.” They use fresh, organic, local, seasonal produce, happily catering for gluten free, vegan and vegetarians alike. They’re incredibly community and family focused, too, which is so great to have in an area that is so heavily built on older families and traditions.

When I head out to eat, I can usually pick a stand out dish pretty quickly to go with. This was one of those very rare times that I actually could not make up my mind. I’d narrowed it down to about 4 options, before remembering that they’re actually a Tibetan influenced operation, and they’re quite well known for their momos (dumplings). Breakfast momos it was!

Three big, fat, spinach and cheese filled momos, topped with smoked salmon and 2 poached eggs, with the most phenomenal dill and (I think) mustard seed yoghurt. While dumplings and smoked salmon initially seemed a bit of an odd combo, this was hands down the most creative breaky dish I’ve seen on a menu in a very long time, and it didn’t disappoint – completely perfect!

My beautiful friend went with one of the other dishes I was contemplating – the French toast, with Barbados cream, maple syrup and berry compote. Amazing…

I’m really reluctant to share this unassuming little spot in it’s quiet part of High Street, because I want to be able to keep visiting without a massive crowd, but when the food is THIS good and the service is lovely, and they’re supporting the community, you can’t not share it. The whole reason I blog is to share the things I love, and I really did fall in love with the place mighty quickly. If you’re a northerner, make it a priority. If you’re not, plan a visit out this way.

Meanwhile, I’m off to get my teeth pulled out and enjoy a diet of soup and jelly for a few days. The thought of heading back to Northern Soul when I’m all healed up is pulling me through!


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