Tea time: Captains of Industry, Melbourne

Captains of Industry
Lv 1, 2 Somerset Place, Melbourne

As you can see, not just a café. Captains of Industry has been around for a while now, servicing many of the city’s original hipsters. They deal in the art of being a gentleman – bespoke leather shoes and accessories, lovely grooming products and traditional barbershop haircuts and styles. They also do breakfast, lunch, tea and coffee, which, not being a gentleman of the world, is why I visit.

It’s one of my favourite tea spots on the city to spend a lunch break; it’s beautiful inside. Having grown up around a family business that deals in leather goods, being surrounded by lovely leather pieces and that smell just feels warm and cozy and homely to me… Down a little Melbourne laneway, with creaky wooden floorboards and big, communal wooden tables, vintage touches of furniture and tidbits, the natural light through the windows overlooking the street below; it’s all my idea of perfect.

The tea is great, too, as is the coffee (so I’m repeatedly told) and the service. Catch up with a friend, enjoy a cuppa alone over a good book (like I tend to do), enjoy a bite to eat, do some shopping, get prettied up – whatever tickles your fancy! It’s a really lovely place to unwind and switch off from the world for a while, just in case you need to at the end of this long week  : )

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