Eat here: Le Café Flo, Melbourne

Le Café Flo
709 High St, Thornbury


I love living so close to High Street – the whole way down is amazing, from Preston through to Thornbury, all the way down to Northcote. But, if I had to pick a favourite area right now, it’d be the Thornbury strip. The crowds mostly gather at Welcome to Thorbury’s food truck park, leaving the rest of it pretty free for the locals.  I love spending a lazy Saturday morning walking down the street (saw this GIANT sunflower on the way to this particular lunch stop!), rummaging through Green’s, followed by food. On our last venture, I had a hankering for a sandwich, so we stopped at Le Café Flo.


This little place is always busy, which is why it’s taken me so long to stop in for a feed – we got lucky, with a table vacating as we walked past, so we quickly grabbed it. It’s a gorgeous little café, with friendly service and a really happy atmosphere. A lot of the diners were obviously regulars, with staff stopping for a chat with a few of them on their way through.

The menu is beautifully and simply French – there are a few fancy dishes like snails, but the baguette and crepe menus are the most extensive. We decided to go with baguettes…
For husband – Le Parisien: Grand Mother’s ham, Dijon mustard butter and cornichons
For me – Le classic: Grand Mother’s ham, Dijon mustard butter, salad and fromage d’Affinois triple cream


The perfect baguettes – soft and fluffy inside with nice crunchy crusts. This was the ultimate ham and cheese sandwich – husband’s was nice, but the creamy cheese in mine was magic. This is what happens when you use good quality ingredients and put them together in a simple manner. If you’ve got such good ham and cheese and bread, you don’t need to do anything else to them! Considering how busy it was, the service was still pretty quick and friendly, the dessert window looked amazing (pastry!), and it was the perfect little place to relax on the weekend 🙂
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