Stay here: Beresford Arms Hotel, San Francisco

The Beresford Arms Hotel
701 Post St, San Francisco

Doing a day early TBT post tonight, because it seems that everyone I know is heading overseas for Christmas except us this year! And as you saw on Tuesday’s Chicago post, I really loved our winter Christmas on the other side of the world last year and am already planning another upcoming winter Christmas 😉 in the mean time though, let me take you guys back to the gorgeous hotel we were lucky enough to spend our pre-Christmas days in during our time in San Francisco…

So, we’re out at family dinner one night last year. Sibling’s boyfriend just got back from his USA trip with his family, and husband and I were a few months away from our visit. We were comparing hotels (they visited a few of the same cities that we were going to), and when we got to San Francisco, we thought he was just making fun of us when he said they stayed at the Beresford Arms. Nope, turns out they really did! And they loved it, which made us all the more excited to stay there.

Perfectly located just out of the main CBD area (AKA quieter at night), it’s a very short walk away from Union Square and Macy’s, as well as Chinatown (which is amazing in San Francisco, particularly on the food front!), with cabs constantly passing past the front of the hotel, making it VERY easy to get around.


Why else should you stay here?
– Most importantly, the staff and service they provide are fantastic – they make for a very easy, fuss-free holiday, which is probably the most important thing!
– Large rooms and bathrooms
– Free WiFi (duh)
– The best features of all: complimentary breakfast in the morning (beautiful pastries, fruit, tea, coffee) AND an afternoon cheese and wine hour, that goes for a lot longer than an hour, and is FREE OF CHARGE for guests! Seriously, you can relax in this stunning lobby that you can see below, drink your fill of wine, nibble on cheese and crackers, and mingle with the other guests, and you’re not charged a cent! There is a tip jar, which was generously filled (which says a lot about the wonderful, attentive and friendly service provided by the staff wondering around, re-filling wine glasses, chattering to us all, topping up food), and surprisingly, people were in fact talking to each other and making new friends!


I’ve heard of hotels that have offered this before, even stayed at a few, but they’re all seemed so forced and lame, to be honest. The Beresford was different. Combine the gorgeous, quaint old hotel, in a perfect location, with really lovely staff providing professional but friendly service, and you’ve got an amazing place to spend your time in San Francisco! Now, take me back…

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