A few tips for your day at DisneySea, Tokyo

DisneySea Tokyo

If you’re reading this, congratulations on making it to Thursday! Almost at the weekend! To keep you going a little bit longer, let’s take a quick time out and go to DisneySea 🙂

I skipped Disneyland in Tokyo, because from all accounts it’s pretty similar to the Disneylands in Anaheim and Paris, which I’ve already visited. Also just realising this was my third Disney visit in three years – YAY!!! But being a ridiculously big Little Mermaid fan, DisneySea I was excited about!

A few things to know about DisneySea when you visit:
– Catch the train – it’s pretty easy! Follow this link to work out the lines you’ll need.

– The lines are MENTAL! All day long, every day – we visited on a Wednesday in off-peak season and it was nuts! Get there a good 45 minutes before opening time.

– Bring some of your own food. Because waiting an hour for a hot dog when you’re famished is not fun. This was the line for the snack stand, by the way. Follow it around the bottom of the frame, up the left side, and note that you can’t see the end of it because it keeps going up the top right corner. For cake.

– But, wait in line for the popcorn. It’s totally worth it. If you’re planning to eat your weight in it, buy a popcorn bucket – they come in all sorts of cute shapes and sizes (like Mr Potato-Head) and you can get them re-filled with flavours like black pepper, white chocolate or caramel. Also, wait in line for these in the Toy Story area:

– Bring sunscreen. It gets hot and there’s not always a heap of shade available.

– When you ride the carousel in the Aladdin area, take yourself to the top level and enjoy the view…

– Get yourself to Triton’s cavern and submerge yourself into the world of Ariel and buddies. I almost died of excitement. This is all underground. OMG.

– Don’t bother bringing your fancy, expensive DSLR camera – your phone will do, and it’s a lot easier to carry around!

– Stop stressing about getting on all of the rides, and enjoy just walking around a little. Take it all in. Sit on a park bench and stare at the castle. Eat some more popcorn. Watch the groups of teenagers in perfectly matching outfits. Just take a time out and be in Disneyland!

– Fastpass where you can. And do it early. By the time we’d realised how long the lines were for EVERYTHING it was around 10:30am. Fastpass return times at this stage were to come back at 6pm.

– Do not enter the park without a set of ears. I’m serious.

– The Mediterranean area is gorgeous – think “old” bridges, gondolas, open piazza spaces, and shopping! It’s a really beautiful spot to grab a drink and chill out for a while if you’re getting a little tired.

– And lastly, get into it. Get really into it. Because it’s Disneyland!!!!! 

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