Photo Journal: The streets of Kagurazaka, Japan

Day 1 in Tokyo: arrived into Narita airport at 8am after a long overnight flight, ate a quick lunch and checked in to my hotel, had a shower and a quick rest, then met the lovely Mika from JAPANiCAN for a walking tour around Kagurazaka (highly recommend this!).


Kagurazaka was an old geisha quarter, prominent during the Edo Period, outside the moat of Edo Castle. It was probably the most beautiful area of Tokyo that I saw, with dozens of little cobble-stoned alleys branching out from the main street filled with quaint little doorways and colourful flower pots. Temples unexpectedly popped up out of nowhere, and they were breath taking. The people were fascinating in the way they went about their business, some a little curious of the foreigners on their streets, others not caring enough to look up.

Putting this delicate, beautiful area into words is a little tough, so instead, I’m going to let my photos do the talking..









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