Shop here: Itoya, Tokyo

2-7-15 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo


My time in Tokyo is sadly coming to an end – after I hit the post button on this one, I’ll be making my way to Narita airport to fly back to Melbourne. That sucks; I’ve really had a great time here. But before I go, I’ll sneak in one more quick post, a place I visited a few days ago that was basically heaven for someone like me. Itoya – stationery emporium of epic proportions…


And by epic proportions, I’m not exaggerating; check out the store guide below and count the number of floors that house all of the goodies at Itoya:

I think “kid in a candy store” would most accurately sum up my experience – I’m not sure how much the elegant and serious Ginza crowd appreciated my slightly over enthusiastic approach to paper goods, but I was too happy to care! The store was gorgeous, modern, cleanly designed and immaculately kept. Each level had its own thing going on, like level 4: MEETING, home to an ungodly amount of notebooks and diaries, as well as a counter where you could customise your own…


Level 5: TRAVEL, was filled with the most gorgeous and luxurious travel accessories, from designer passport holders and carry on bags to travel guides and books. I found myself particularly mesmerized with the stand below, one of several containing every imagineable pack of binder sheets which you could use to compile your very own completely custom travel journal/planner/what-have-you..


Level 6: HOME,  everything from pillows to calendars to candle holders and for rugs. Major home decor jealousy.


I did my best to contain myself, walking away with only a diary and a notebook – it’s not cheap, but it is absolute quality, and the options are almost endless! SO worth a visit!!!

And on that note, I’m heading back home to start writing all about this adventure and to start planning the next one 🙂

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