Photo Journal: Dodger Stadium, LA

Dodger Stadium
1000 Elysian Park Ave, Los Angeles


Husband and I decided to hire a car and drive ourselves from Anaheim to LA when we visited last December, which proved to be a fantastic decision; LA is not walkable on limited time, the public transport system isn’t amazing, and there are basically no cabs driving around. We figured that seeing as we were hiring the car for a relatively quick drive which was still charged as a minimum one day hire, we may as well have gotten our monies worth and use it to see all the things we thought we’d have issues using the above mentioned methods to get to, like Grand Central Market. Unfortunately we overlooked Greystone Mansion, but that’s another story

After finishing at the market and consulting the map, husband also realised that Dodger Stadium wasn’t going to be easy to get to without the car, so we took as detour on the way back to returning the car. I’m not a baseball fan, I wasn’t too fussed about going there, but holy wow, that view…


The stadium was also open to visit, and the view from the seating way up was pretty impressive too, even for a non-baseball fan like myself. Well worth the visit if you’ve got that car and a bit of time to spare before returning it!


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