Tea time: 10 teas I’m drinking this winter


I’m an old lady at heart. You guys know that now. I knit. I bake cookies. I drink tea. I drink so much tea. It’s absurd. Is there such thing as drinking too much tea?? Someone please let me know if there is! Anyway, seeing as I drink so much tea and my tea collection at home is getting disturbingly large (I wish I could say that shelf pictured above holds all my tea, but it doesn’t… there’s more stashed away in the pantry…), I thought I’d give you 10 of my favourite teas that I’m drinking this Melbourne winter!


Left to right above:
1. T2 Melbourne Breakfast – a gorgeous spin on a classic, this breakfast tea is flavoured with vanilla and honey, and it’s the best tea for a cold Melbourne winter morning.
2. T2 Lamington – this is the ultimate dessert tea. Oh my GOD! It tastes disturbingly like a lamington, with big chunks of coconut and chocolate chips, it’s the perfect tea at night for when you feel like dessert but have no cake in the house. It also makes for a fantastic porridge base!
3. T2 Jade Mountain – currently out of stock and in production for more, this special edition tea was one of T2’s all time most popular and best selling! Ingredients include gen mai cha (roasted rice, green tea, popped rice), brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnut), blackberry leaves, chicory root, almonds. Delicious, sweet, plenty of flavour, the best kind of green tea there is!

4. English Tea Shop English Breakfast – probably my favourite English Breakfast tea that I’ve had, it’s just a really distinct taste to other English Breakfasts, it’s organic, a rich colour and flavour without being overpowering. Perfect.
5. English Tea Shop Lemongrass Ginger – I’m not a massive herbal tea drinker, but I absolutely adore this tea to start my day! It’s got a great kick to it, the ginger isn’t too strong like some other ginger teas I’ve tried, it’s a fantastic pick-me-up tea, and I find really helps settle a crappy stomach.
(The English Tea Shop teas are available in Melbourne from Terra Madre on High St, Northcote for around $4 per box of 20 tea bags)




Left to right:
6. Old Tea Shop Macadamia – with over 200 teas to choose from when I visited Warburton’s Old Tea Shop recently, it was hard to pick only a few to take home. The macadamia one smelt amazing, so I wanted that one, and it tastes delicious too; subtle but distinct nutty flavour, great with a little almond milk.
7. Old Tea Shop Sticky Toffee – rich black tea with the most unbelievable sticky toffee flavour from those sugary chunks you see sitting on the spoon above, it’s another great dessert tea.



Left to right:
8. Good Tea Co Balance – this one is another favourite to enjoy a cup of in the morning before I head to work. It’s a big concoction of nettle, dandelion root, rosehip, burdock, blueberries, cornflower petals, hibiscus, acaia berry, calendula, chamomile, natural blueberry and peach flavouring, it’s light but full of flavour and perfect first thing in the morning.
9. Alice’s Tea Cup Signature Alice Tea – I still don’t know exactly what’s in this, but I drank it in New York and loved it so much I bought a bag to take home with me, and I think of New York every time I drink it back at home now. It’s the most beautifully fragrant tea, a mix of black and Japanese green, vanilla, rose petals, dried berries among the ingredients I can identify, which tastes great with or without milk.


And lastly, 10. Happy Cuppa Co Special Grey – while these guys are super sadly no longer making tea, this was my absolute favourite while it was in production; I still have a little bit left for a few more cups this winter.



So, those are 10 of my favourites that will be getting me through this winter; any other recommendations for me?!

10 thoughts on “Tea time: 10 teas I’m drinking this winter

  1. I love T2’s Melbourne Breakfast! Am also drinking their Blue Mountain at the moment – vanilla scented black tea with cornflowers and floral undertones. Really gorgeous. In fact, you’ve inspired me to brew a pot right now! x

  2. This is such an awesome post! Yay for tea. …I have SO MUCH. Though, somehow..never enough.

      1. I will take a picture of my tea and email it to you. It is A LOT. I don’t know how I go through it all.

  3. I really only drink jasmine tea and love T2’s China jasmine. I might have to try the lamington though, sounds delicious. Another favourite is For the Love of Tea, a Byron Bay based company.

  4. Hi Jess. My favourite tea is T2 earl grey with milk. I love this tea, but due to the cafeeine I can’t have it at night. I’ve reciently discovered Rooibos and find it as satisfying as the black tea. Amy.

    1. I love their earl grey too – I’ve actually really never thought about the caffeine content though, which I probably should being a chronic insomniac… I’ll have to give the rooibos a try then, thanku for the suggestion!

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