Eat here: K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen, New Orleans

K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen
416 Chartres St, New Orleans

I enjoyed my visit back to New Orleans yesterday, so I’m gonna stick with it a little longer. Back in January when I visited the Voodoo Museum, it was late in the morning and I was pretty hungry by the end of the visit. So from one NoLa classic we went to another: K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen.

If you have even the slightest interest in the cuisine and history of New Orleans, you’ll probably have heard of Chef Paul Prudhomme. His legacy includes several restaurant, cookbooks, spices mixes, blackened redfish, staying in the city post-Katrina where he and his team cooked over 6000 meals in 10 days for the military and remaining locals, and of course for bringing Cajun cuisine to the world. The man is a living legend, and I was really excited to actually visit his restaurant, which opened its doors back in 1979.

Seeing as we were visiting one of the classics of the city, we decided to order the classics: po boy and gumbo 🙂

We decided on the Andouille sausage po boy, which came on a soft roll, dressed with lettuce and a tomato/onion/herb salsa type concoction, as well as a side of breaded, deep fried cauliflower. Because almost everything in America is deep fried (seriously, I even ordered a tofu salad in LA thinking that’d be a safe bet to settle my upset stomach – the tofu was breaded and deep fried. I shit you not.), apparently. I really liked the sausage, and the fancied up salsa was a nice change to a classic. My only complaint was that the bread roll was a little too soft; it got soggy quite quickly under the weight of the filling.


The second classic of the meal was the chicken and Andouille gumbo. And it was magic. Honest to goodness magic. Not really sure what else I can say about it – sounds as floggy as all hell, but the depth of flavour was out of this world, the chicken pieces were so soft and tender, delicious chunks of sausage, oh my God it was perfect! If you only order one thing from K-Paul’s, make it the gumbo!


I really enjoyed the lunch service and was glad we chose to go then instead of dinner; the atmosphere is really laid back, feeling more like you’re in a familiar school canteen or something. The lunch menu is also a fair bit cheaper than the dinner service too, meaning you can eat more! Winning all round!

In a city known for incredible chefs and food, it’s pretty hard to stand out, but Chef Prudhomme has been a big name for decades for a reason; after you visit the Voodoo Museum, you should probably drop by K-Paul’s for lunch, too!


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5 thoughts on “Eat here: K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen, New Orleans

  1. We didn’t get to eat at K-Paul’s, but we did bring home one of Chef Paul’s cookbooks.
    A big bowl of gumbo would be perfect for lunch today to combat the chilly weather. It amazes me hiw something that appears so simple (rice, sausage etc) can be so damn good.

    1. I thought the same thing Em – it’s amazing, hey?! I should have grabbed a cookbook… Might have to order one online – which one did you get??

      1. Sorry for the delayed response Jess. We got Chef Paul Pruhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen cookbook, picked it up at Kitchen Witch

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