Eat here: Southern Hospitality, New York City

Southern Hospitality
645 9th Ave, New York

Finally, winter is really here in Melbourne! I’m one of those minority idiots who actually loves the cold, as I demonstrated carrying on like a Michelin-man look-alike in America over the Christmas holidays just passed. I was also lucky enough to eat a lot of great food in really great places over there, and as such, the cold weather reminds me of a lot of them, particularly this BBQ place that came into play very unexpectedly and randomly…
This was one of those great accidental finds that you end up recommending to the next person you meet who says they’re going to New York. This happy accident came about after arriving at the doorstep of another recommended BBQ place only to find out, from the ever so nonchalant repair man, after standing outside in the snow for 10 minutes, that a gas tank had exploded and they were closed for business for the next few days. Great.
Having just walked a few kilometers towards the briskety light at the end of the snowy tunnel, we were both pretty hangry (hungry + angry). It wasn’t looking good. On a whim, I pulled out my phone and opened the Yelp app, hoping to walk past somewhere with free WiFi so we could find the next closest BBQ place. New York miracle: no WiFi, but Yelp had somehow still loaded my last search for BBQ places! And there was one a mere 600m away!We hauled frosty ass to Southern Hospitality in record time, defrosting happily with menus in hand. The unspoken agreement had been reached (one of the perks of a 10 year relationship), and lunch was ordered:- Brisket
– Pulled pork platter
– Slaw
– Mac & cheese


Even now, months later, I remember this meal ever so fondly. The BBQ sauce through the pork was fantastic, tangy and smoky and all the things you want from a BBQ pulled pork situation in the freezing New York winter cold. The brisket was some of the best I’ve had anywhere (husband agrees) – lovely crispy, burnt edges with perfectly rendered fat. And the slaw and mac & cheese are the perfect sides – particularly the mac & cheese, all melty, golden deliciousness.

As far as accidental dining experiences go, we couldn’t have been much happier with Southern Hospitality, and would absolutely return again if when we re-visit New York. And if you find yourself at your first restaurant of choice to be turned away because of a gas tank explosion, just thank the universe for the not to subtle hint, and head to Southern Hospitality instead!


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5 thoughts on “Eat here: Southern Hospitality, New York City

  1. I love cold weather too! …though maybe not as much as usual at the moment, because I’ve now caught a cold :/ Great accidental food experiences are the best 🙂

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