Eat here: Crif Dogs, New York City

Crif Dogs
113 Saint Marks Place, NYC

Ahh Sunday afternoon, that bittersweet time of the week when you realise you still have a few more hours of relaxation before shit gets going again for another week. I generally read for an hour each day on week days, catching the train to and from work, but I’ve been trying to set aside a little time on Sunday afternoons to read a little, too. It’s just nice to unwind and get away from a screen for a while, you know? This week I’ve been reading Anthony Bourdain’s “A Cook’s Tour” (I’ll post a little something on that this coming week, because it’s a great read). I find it impossible to read anything he’s written now without reading it in his voice. That soothingly sarcastic, slightly psychotic voice that lulls me into a sense of maniacal comfort every time I flick channels and find him on my screen.


We heard about this place (as we heard of so many others) from “the great man” as my husband refers to him, Anthony Bourdain, on his New York episode of The Layover. He visits Crif Dogs and it’s hidden bar PDT (Please Don’t Tell) with a man who I have great respect and love for, David Chang; they order a few dogs, and Chang orders a side of tater tots with gooey melted cheese for Bourdain, knowing he’ll appreciate it. All seems quite friendly and civilized, until we hear Bourdain tell Chang that it’s “only out of deference to him that he’s not thrusting his ****” in the melted cheese, such is his love for it. Needless to say, being the immature children we are, this line has been repeated countless times over perfectly lovely, otherwise civilized meals of our own.

Anyway, we were excited to be visiting and tucked into (left to right)
– BLT: bacon wrapped dog with lettuce, tomato and mayo
– Tsunami: another bacon wrapped dog with teriyaki sauce, pineapple and green onions
– Jon-Jon Deragon: dog with schmear of cream cheese, scallions and everything bagel seeds


Honestly, couldn’t flaw any of them. That simple little BLT was magic, they all were, actually, and I’m starting to understand how Bourdain felt now. The dogs themselves were probably the best hot dogs I’ve ever had, and while there were heaps of options, they were all kept relatively restrained, with only a few toppings on each.

I wish we had hot dogs of this caliber in Melbourne…


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