Eat here: Good Ovening, Melbourne

Good Ovening
200 Queen St, Melbourne CBD


I started a new job a few weeks ago; with a new job, naturally, comes new territory. I found myself based in a different pocket of Melbourne’s CBD for this new role, and as a creature of habit, set out quickly to find somewhere to spend my lunch breaks with a pot of tea and a book or notepad and pen. I found Good Ovening.

This adorable little cafe is tucked into a nook on the corner of Queen and Little Bourke Streets, with an adorable astro turf and pastel lawn furniture set up outside, and a gorgeous, homely wooden table and 70’s pleather seat situation inside. I’m a regular visitor now, enjoying several pots of tea (which are served with delicious, complimentary little scone/biscuit hybrids), but the other day curiosity finally got the better of me and I decided to have lunch here, too.

The specialty is their Korean style chicken fillet steak – chicken thigh fillets baked with a bit of golden crispness on the outside and super juicy on the inside. I went with the Pizza Yola ($13.50), which saw my chicken topped with a tomato and onion sauce, salami, olives & mozzarella, with sides of mashed potato, salad & slaw. Unreal! The chicken was incredible, very tender and juicy… I really hate this word for some reason, but I guess “succulent” would be the right word for it. The sides were all delicious, too, and it was a pretty filling meal for the price!
Good Ovening is the perfect urban paradise; the food is great, but the place has some soul to it, too. The service has never been anything less than 5 star, with everyone who comes in being greeted with a smile and “hello” from one of the staff who always walk over to meet them. The exposed brick walls, vintage suitcase in the corner holding a flower pot and the old books on the shelf are all out of the home of my dreams, and the mellow music is always playing; this place is just begging you to come on in, pull up a seat and relax for a while! It might not be on top of the hipsters’ top places to eat list (yet), but trust me, its well worth a visit if you feel the need to treat yo self to lunch or tea this work week – I might see you there!

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6 thoughts on “Eat here: Good Ovening, Melbourne

  1. The chicken looks so good! I’ll have to come here for lunch soon… it’s quite close to where I work too. Congrats on the new job 🙂

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