Good magic: The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, New York City

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM
780 Lexington Ave, New York

When I first heard about this (and goodness only knows how I came across it, I can’t for the life of me remember!), I thought it was a joke. Maybe a temporary 1 month pop up deal. I didn’t think it’d last long enough for me to actually try it. But it wasn’t temporary or a cruel joke. It was magic. Good magic. From the good cupcake fairies of the world. How else can you explain an ATM that dispatches cupcakes?!

So, dinner had been eaten. It was freezing cold that night, as most nights were in New York over the past winter. We were on our way to Alice’s Tea Cup for some hot tea and scones, when we realised we were walking straight past the Sprinkles Cupcake store. The store with the ATM out the front of it. Cue hysterical laughing and then the realisation that this thing was legit.

How does it work? Pretty simple.
1. Put your credit card in the credit card hole.
2. Make your sweet selection from the touch screen.
3. Confirm your wish to spend money on magical cupcake happiness.
4. The screen door closes.
5. Stare in amazement as the screen door then opens to reveal a perfect little cupcake box sitting there, waiting to be taken home.


Seriously, that’s it. It’s a real thing, and it’s the best! How much happier can you get than a cupcake at 3am if you desperately need one?! I wasn’t sacrificing my hot tea though, so I put it in my handbag and went on to Alice’s. But then I felt like a cupcake when we got back to the hotel – walking through the cold New York streets is hungry work, after all.  I went with red velvet, and it more than lived up to all the hype. Moist and crumbly, loved the frosting, it was delicious and totally cancelled out my fear that cupcakes from ATMs wouldn’t be as good. It really was. So stop reading this and go get yourself an ATM cupcake! And for those of us not in New York with access to a cupcake ATM, make your way to your nearest cupcake dispensary for a happier Monday!



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