Shop here: Grub Street Bookshop, Melbourne

Grub Street Bookshop, Fitzroy, Melbourne


Welcome to my happy place. My favourite bookshop. My favourite shop. The place I can never leave empty handed. The place that I always have time to visit, even when my parking is about to run out. It’s my happy place. The Grub Street Bookshop on Brunswick St.

They have more books than they can fit on the old shelving, piling them up on the floor, small tables, in cardboard boxes and wherever else they can fit them. You’ll find second hand books on everything from cooking to history, art to travel, crime novels to science fiction, and literally everything in between. You can also find some beautiful vintage first editions, which won’t come cheap. I’ve found some of my favourite books there, and don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $12 for one. I love everything about this shop, from the creaky floors to the smell of the old pages, and I’ll keep visiting on a regular basis for as long as it’s open (please don’t ever close!) – you should get down there and have a look around, too.


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