Eat here: Central Grocery, New Orleans

Central Grocery
923 Decatur St, New Orleans

So you saw Melbourne’s best attempt at a muffuletta sandwich yesterday at The Vertue of the Coffee Drink (delicious), so  now, allow me to introduce you to the original from New Orleans’ Central Grocery. New Orleans is known, primarily, for it’s music and it’s food. Music wise, you associate jazz with NoLa. Food wise, there’s gumbo, po-boys and muffuletta sandwiches, and the place to get those sandwiches from is Central Grocery. There are imitators, but we were assured by half the city that if you were going to have one, it had to be from here.

The Italian-American grocery store opened back in 1906, and the muffuletta sandwich was created to feed the hungry Italian truck drivers who wanted a taste of home. What goes into this monster? Delicious, oily olive salad, salami, Italian ham, mortadella, provolone and swiss cheeses, piled high, sandwiched in a special bread roll made just for this guy.


It is an absolutely fantastic sandwich, especially for an Italian girl who grew up with this sort of stuff in her school lunch sandwiches! That olive salad is something special too, all oily and delicious… Word of warning though – if you order a full sandwich, you may want to bring another few friends along, because a quarter muffuletta is the size of a regular giant sandwich and more than enough to fill you up!

Also, don’t think it’s just for sandwiches; it’s a proper Italian grocer, so you can stock up on all your other necessities while you’re there!


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