Eat here: Eggslut & Tumbras at Grand Central Market, LA

Grand Central Market
317 S Broadway, Los Angeles


Another weekend, another opportunity to sit back and relax and brunch in peace. Even more so this weekend, given that it’s a long weekend for Easter! Hooray for extra lazy breakfast days! Wish I was back in LA to enjoy another breaky at the market…

Our arrival into LA was somewhat, well, mental. We flew into LA from Australia, landing at around 7am, went straight to our hotel in Anaheim for a quick shower and change of clothes, and went straight to Disneyland. We had 3 days there. Then we hired a car, after 3 Disney days, to drive from Anaheim to LA. Mental!

Being Aussies, driving on the other side of the road was interesting. So was getting used to the fact that over there, people drive through red lights, legally, if they want to turn right and no one else is coming. Also, husband gets motion sickness, so he drove which left me to navigate. For someone with absolutely no sense of direction, my map reading game is surprisingly strong; what the maps don’t tell you, however, is which areas are safe and which are kinda dodgy. I may have navigated us through some of the dodgier areas. Anyway, we made it to LA with minimal fighting and no real wrong turns. Our hotel room wasn’t gonna be ready for a while (we left first thing in the morning) so we drove straight on to Central Market for breakfast; I’d heard that Egg Slut was amazing, and I wanted it.


Egg Slut


First stop for “real” food (AKA not Disneyland food). All the hype surrounding this place seemed to come to life when we got there – solid line around the stall (took us around 25 minutes which wasn’t too bad, considering) and a film crew; standard morning at the market!

I felt like a complete tool asking the lady for a “slut” when she asked for my order, but that’s what all the cool kids were getting… As you can see up top, the Slut is a  perfectly coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar and served with a demi baguette, for USD$9.00. I thought that as pretty pricey when I ordered, but it was a deceptively filling meal and a decent sized baguette. And it was amazing! Seriously, I can’t remember eating a better egg breakfast in recent memory… the potato was so smooth and creamy, the egg yolk was the perfect sauce, even the baguette was perfect!

The other beauty you can see is the bacon, egg and cheese breaky roll. I didn’t eat this, someone else did, but it was so attractive and sat right in front of me at the counter before someone came to whisk it off to it’s rightful owner, I thought it needed to be documented as well.

Truly delicious breakfast, fantastic service, wish we’d been able to go again!



After breakfast stop number one, which I really didn’t share much of, husband took a turn to pick the next stop – tacos.

Tacos Tumbras a Tomas


We noticed this place on the way in and figured it must have been amazing because the line was long, but moved quickly, and we couldn’t overhear anyone speaking anything but Spanish. We got a pork and a beef taco,  for all of a few dollars, and they were magic. Super soft meat and a LOT of it, unbelievably tasty, extra soft tortillas which they doubled up on (thankfully), quick service, amazing meal. Don’t overlook this place – you really need to try the pork tacos!



As for Grand Central Market itself, it’s a fantastic little market area with the most incredible range of food, both ready to eat and fresh produce to take home. The heavy Hispanic influence is obvious from first entry, reflected in the great selection of meats, fried fruits, exotic spices and the like available. It’s a great place to spend the morning, and as a traveller, I’d have loved accommodation with a kitchen so I could have taken some of the produce home to cook up! Absolutely loved this market 🙂

11 thoughts on “Eat here: Eggslut & Tumbras at Grand Central Market, LA

  1. Welcome to LA LA Land! Be sure to check out The Mud Hen and Pollo a La Brasa. Also, for real local fast food treats: InnOut burgers and Pink’s Hot Dogs. It’s really a very tasty town :D. Bon Apetit!

  2. So jealous! We didn’t get time to see grand central market! Plus we really wanted to go to egg slut. Next time I guess! Looks so great!

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