Eat here: The Joint, New Orleans

The Joint
701 Mazant St, New Orleans



Heard that song by the New Orleans Jazz Vipers “I Hope You’re Comin’ Back To New Orleans”?

I hope your comin’ back to New Orleans
You know it really is that land of dreams
There’s no other city like New Orleans…

New Orleans is MY land of dreams now, and more often than not, those dreams involve eating at The Joint in the Bywater. I’ve eaten a bit of BBQ now, and I can’t honestly tell you that I’ve eaten better brisket anywhere else.

The Joint is the cozy little BBQ home of your dreams, with little tables and a busy bar inside, with a beer garden out the back of the old weather-board, all lit up with dangling lights. That’s where we wanted to be in this perfectly still winter night, that felt much more like a pleasant Melbourne autumn night.. No one cares about the weather though, let’s talk BBQ.

The option was there and we jumped at it; USD$17.50 for a combo platter of 3 meats with 2 sides. Are you kidding me??! AUD$22.50 for ALL OF THAT?!?! Yes, please, immediately!! We went with the brisket, pulled pork and ribs, plus slaw and mac & cheese.


We dug into the ribs first, which we were hesitant about, because these guys don’t usually have that much meat on them to warrant paying a usually high price. Couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised – these ribs were SO meaty, so juicy, so tender, basted to perfection. Like a beautiful, meaty lollypop. 10/10.

The pulled pork was a fall-apart-on-the-fork job, seasoned well, didn’t need a heap of BBQ sauce, and the slaw was perfect with it. Pulled pork is always a favourite for me, so I was stoked this one tasted as good as it looked.

The brisket was the real magic of the night; I’ve had some good brisket and some dry crap before. This was perfection. Moist and tender and pink and juicy (as you can see), buttery soft rendered fat, delicious burnt ends and crust; this is the brisket dreams are made of. And the mac & cheese was great with it, too.

People buzzed in and out all night, there wasn’t a spare table for more than a few minutes at any one time. The service was friendly in a chaotic kinda way, as it is when they’re run off their feet and still having a good time. Great drinks selection, happy to pour anything unfinished in a cup to go. My only regret is not having room for dessert – pie was calling my name, it broke my heart to ignore it. Next time.

And there will be a next time. I will be going back to New Orleans, and you can be damned sure this will be one of my first dinners back there. It should be high up on your list, too.


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