St Louis Cemetery #3, New Orleans

St Louis Cemetery #3
3421 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans


This was the third of the cemeteries I visited in New Orleans, and it was by far the most modern looking and well tended, despite being established in 1854. It’s in the Bayou St John area, which is gorgeous to walk through on a sunny day, and the cemetery itself is quite a bit bigger than numbers 1 and 2.


It’s laid out in three main “aisles” of tombs, which makes it very easy to navigate your way around. There are individual and family tombs, as at other cemeteries, but also large tombs containing the remains of priests and nuns, which I didn’t notice anywhere else.

The tombs here seemed, for the most part, to be well cared for and maintained, gleaming white marble with fresh inscriptions; some were also in various states of disrepair, which only made them even more beautiful next to the uniformed white ones.


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