Eat here: GBD Fried Chicken & Doughnuts, Washington, D.C.

GBD Fried Chicken & Doughnuts
1323 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC


Ohh donuts… I love you! You may make me fat and put me on a sugar high which really hurts to come crashing out of, but that’s ok, I still love you!

These donuts were particularly good after a cold, rainy, miserable day in Washington DC. We went to GBD, part donuttery, part bar, party fried chicken heaven. We just wanted some donuts and a hot coffee for husband, and a hot tea for me. Two out of three ain’t bad, I guess…

Coffee they had, no worries. Donuts, too. Tea was an issue. I battled hard in America trying to get a good, hot cup of tea. Most places didn’t do it. Why, I really don’t know – boiled water with a tea bag plonked in it really isn’t that difficult. But, as we found out, plenty of places offered sweetened iced tea. This was one of those places. The face the lady behind the counter pulled when I asked for tea with soy milk was absolutely priceless – she turned around, collected a plastic cup and filled it with ice – “ummm Jess… I don’t think you’re getting hot tea…” AAAHAHAHAHA she was going to give me a cup of COLD, iced tea with SOY MILK!!! Fantastic!! We’ll just grab some donuts to go then and make the hot drinks ourselves back at the hotel. At that stage, it was something like Jess – 0, hot tea shutdowns – 27.

So we grabbed a Nutella crunch (top) and a hot vanilla glaze. What these guys lacked in hot tea making abilities, they MORE than made up for in donut skills. The Nutella one was smothered in the good stuff, with heaps of crushed and toasted hazelnuts on top. If anything, it was maybe too sweet – it tasted like they’d mixed more sugar into the Nutella! But it was delicious!

The hot vanilla glaze was the hands down favourite, though – we literally waited around for five minutes while the donut was freshly fried for us in store, and then freshly glazed. It was nestled in a little cardboard box, swimming in hot glaze goodness. They wrapped it up in foil to keep it warm, and we luckily didn’t have far to walk. It was still nice and warm and dripping in gooey glaze when we got back, and it was perfect. Not disgustingly sweet, great vanilla flavour, and the donut itself was fantastic. We’d had an OD situation with some fried chicken earlier that day at Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken, so we sadly couldn’t double up again without being insanely unwell, but I’d love to try the chicken out if I’m ever back in DC – we saw some coming out and it looked beautiful! Anyone else tried the chicken here??


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