Greystone Mansion & Park, Los Angeles


Greystone Mansion and Park. Looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Calm, peaceful, romantic even. The type of place you could see yourself and your love sitting happily, holding hands, staring into each other’s eyes. Not at all the type of place that’d make you want to strangle your spouse with your bare hands, right? Wrong. Let me tell you a fun little story…


So, husband and I had made it through 17 hours of transit and three days in Disneyland and driving from Anaheim to LA and a few days in Hollywood. We had one last day in LA and I wanted to get away from Hollywood Blvd and see something different. Enter Greystone Mansion and Park. Couldn’t tell you how I first found out about this place, but I can tell you I was intrigued by the promise of the stunning gardens hidden away in Beverly Hills and the beautiful Tudor style buildings, the picture perfect setting featured in films like The Prestige, X-Men, Rush Hour, Richie Rich, The Bodyguard, Ghostbusters and Austin Powers: Goldmember. I checked it out on the map – seemed to be a simple enough walk from Rodeo Drive, just over 4km. Easy. We walk around 15km every Sunday morning at home, with a psychotic Beagle cross pulling us along – 4km with just the two of us and all the time in the world, no worries!


What the map didn’t show us was the massive mother of a hill we’d need to walk up to get to said mansion and park. Let the games begin. It’s meant to be winter, why is it so bloody hot?! Jean were such a bad option… Arghhh this is sh!t!! Why did the one cultural thing you picked out to do have to be at the top of a friggin hill?! I know, I hate myself, I’m sorry, but we’ve come too far to go back now and it’s not like we’ve seen a cab! And so on and so forth…


Anyway, we finally got to the top of the hill, and luckily for me, it was beyond beautiful. Husband was happy to enjoy the beauty from a comfy bench he found in the middle of the gardens, while I wondered around, camera in hand for a little while… I wanted to die a little walking to get there, but it was totally worth it when we got to the top!

Getting back down was another story; apparently there are no cabs in LA, so we walked, I shit you not, another 5 or so kilometres from Beverly Hills back toward Hollywood, before we finally found a taxi. All that stuff people say about needing a car to see LA because it’s not a walking town like New York? For the sake of your marriage and your sanity, LISTEN TO THEM!!! Also, prioritise a visit to Greystone Mansion and Park when you visit LA – it’s a hell of a lot more beautiful than the concrete and characters of Hollywood Boulevard, and the view is incredible…


10 thoughts on “Greystone Mansion & Park, Los Angeles

  1. Haha, it sounds like a bit of a slog, but hopefully it was worth it for the views! (I definitely appreciate the pics!) Now if only CA would stop hogging all the sunshine and give some of it to NYC…

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