Eat here: Don Antonio, New York City

Don Antonio
309 W 50th St, New York

Growing up in an Italian family, Sunday has traditionally been family day. As kids, we’d often head to Lygon St with the Nonni to share a pizza and some gelati; we have been lucky enough to have grown up with grandparents who have a wood fired oven in a purpose built room/stand-alone kitchen in their backyard. Yes, seriously. Sunday makes me think of Italian food and pizzas, and that reminds me of how much I loved this one…

Anyway, after almost a week in New York, after being pretty damn cold, after hurting my shoulder pretty badly, comfort food was the order of the day. Husband knows that as an Italian, a good pizza is about as comforting as you can get. When he said he’d found a place that looked decent after a bit of online research, I was a little hesitant, but figured it couldn’t be too bad – they boasted proper wood fired pizzas made by actual Neapolitans.

It didn’t look much from the outside, but once we got into the warm, dimly lit restaurant, my opinion changed dramatically. We were warmly welcomed, as one Italian might expect to be welcomed to family lunch on a Sunday, by one of the friendliest hostesses we had the pleasure of meeting. We were seated immediately with a smile and a quick explanation of the menu. Our drinks were brought out within a few minutes of ordering, and we studied the menu intently…

Check out the website for all the options, but basically your pizza options are divided into filled and fried pizzas, white pizzas (without tomato sauce bases), red pizzas (with), special pizzas and gluten free.

Husband went with the Arricia (USD$19.00) – smoked mozzarella and porchetta, putting it comfortably as one of the best, if not THE best pizza he’s had. The smokiness was perfect – it was definitely there, but still subtle enough not to take away from the porchetta. Amazing pizza!


My choice was easy – Truffle Burrata (USD$25.00) – prosciutto, basil and truffle infused burrata. Yes, it was ridiculously expensive for a pizza, but I don’t care. I won’t spend my money on designer shoes or fancy clothes or a good haircut or sparkly jewellery. But I will spend money on quality food, and this was incredible. Fresh basil, grape tomatoes, quality prosciutto di parma, a drizzle of real olive oil, the creamy burrata and that really subtle flavour enhancement the truffles create… Nothing I say can explain just how much I enjoyed this pizza; it was well and truly worth every single cent, and I’d have no hesitation ordering it again!


Next time I’m in New York (yes, of course there’ll be a next time!), this will be my first dinner; I cannot praise the staff highly enough, they nailed that delicate balance of attentive without being annoying. The food well and truly exceeded all of my expectations, with the pizzas easily as good as the ones I’ve eaten in Italy. The options are endless, there is no way you can’t find something you’ll love on this menu – even the gluten intolerant diners are well catered for!

So, here we are. Sunday. And I don’t have one of these pizzas. That makes me a little bit sad. If you’re in New York and reading this, please enjoy a slice for me!


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