Photo Journal: Winter wonderland in Central Park, New York City


But seriously, how is it possible for a place like this to actually exist? Walking through Central Park a month ago felt like walking through an impossibly big movie set… everything was perfect. Every snowflake looked like it was exactly where it was meant to be, every leaf blown to just the right spot on the ground, every reflection off the frozen lake shining like it was unnaturally lit up.

I know you guys who live in New York must absolutely freakin hate this weather, I can only imagine how insanely inconvenient the weather has been of late, and I do feel for you – putting on that many layers of clothing is tedious, at best. But as a visitor, even a visitor who fell in the snow + ice + rain and tore her rotator cuff a little bit (yeah, I was that clumsy peanut), it was like walking through the most perfect winter dream





6 thoughts on “Photo Journal: Winter wonderland in Central Park, New York City

  1. I was there for the first time December 3 years ago. Think first snowfall, decorated for Christmas magic. It was unbelievable. Whatever I imagined NYC to be it was so much more. Like a story tale 🙂

  2. I loved NYC in the snow! It was so pretty. It’s been so damn hot here I don’t even remember what it’s like to be cold 😦 can’t wait for a northern hemisphere winter!

    1. Haha I know what you mean – I’m a winter girl so coming from that to Melbourne’s heat is killing me! At least you’ve had a lovely beach to wake up to to start the year off!

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