Tea time: Alice’s Tea Cup, New York City

Alice’s Tea Cup (Chapter II)
156 E 64th St, New York

Sunday afternoon. AKA time to kick back with a cuppa and enjoy the last few relaxing hours of the weekend. And I’ve got just the cup of tea for this afternoon. I’ll get to that in a minute. First up though, let me tell you about the deliciousness you can see above these sentences, at Alice’s Tea Cup in New York.


I found this place by chance after a random Google search for a good afternoon tea spot in NYC. I love tea and scones (#secretnanna), and figured it’d be freezing cold in the city while we were there and my evil plan was that at some point husband would be like “damn it’s cold, could use a hot drink” and I’d be like “oh, great, I know just the place” and would be all “just follow me!” and lead us right here! It didn’t go exactly like that (I was the one who complained about the cold first this particular day), but we did get here, and it was amazing…

Alice’s Tea Cup actually has a few stores (chapters) in the city, and as the name implies, it’s a bit of a cutesy, whimsical, Alice-In-Wonderland themed tea nook. Yeah, it’s pretty girly, and I usually don’t go for that stuff at all, but I’m a bit Alice In Wonderland fan and I love tea and scones, so I made an exception just this once! They do everything (literally – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner AND high tea), all day long. And to say that the tea list is impressive is a wild understatement – as you can see from their website, they cover every single one of your tea needs!

We went late at night, around 7.30pm, and decided on a pot of tea to share, along with a chocolate chip scone and a buttermilk scone, which came out with jam and cream. The scones were nice and soft, a little crumbly, but the jam and cream held it all together beautifully. I’d have loved to have done the high tea there as well… maybe next time 🙂 The service was really wonderful too, despite being close to closing time, and the floor staff looked after each and every table with the same bright smiles and warm chatter.


The tea we ordered was the house special, “Alice’s tea,” an interesting blend of both black (Indian black vanilla) and green (Japanese) teas, with rose petals – it had another strong aroma that I can’t quite place right now.. maybe bergamot? Anyone else tried this tea and can remember? Anyway, it’s a beautifully smooth tea with plenty of flavour, I absolutely loved it. I asked our server if it was available to buy; all of the tea on the menu is available to purchase and take home! I grabbed a small pouch and am brewing a small pot for myself right now, actually. It drinks well both as is, and with a little milk (which is my preference), and is perfect on a colder day.

With three “chapters” around NYC (102 West 73rd St., 156 East 64th St. and 220 East 81st St.), the most enticing display of cakes and scones, the most thorough tea list I’ve ever seen, which you can take home with you, and such lovely staff, there’s really no reason not to visit!

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