Review: new sunnies by SelectSpecs!


Well this is exciting – I got new sunnies! This is exciting because generally “new sunnies” means a cheap pair of crappy glasses I picked up for a few dollars in Thailand or Vietnam or somewhere like that, which break after a few weeks. I’m not great at caring for sunglasses, so I generally don’t bother wasting my money on them.

A few weeks before I set out to travel the other side of the world, I was approached by the lovely Kathryn at SelectSpecs, a UK based online and brick-and-mortar store for both prescription and sunglasses. I was generously invited to take a pair of their sunnies for a test run, and I was intrigued after receiving a link to their £6 collection. That’s only AUD$11.00, or USD$9.00. Seemed a little too good to be true… but they had my attention. I selected my pair, the black Savannah, and eagerly awaited their arrival. Unfortunately, they didn’t arrive before the trip, but after breaking yet another pair of cheap Vietnamese knock off sunnies in Toronto, it was a lovely surprise to come home to!


First up, delivery actually only took 2 weeks, which was pretty good considering it was only 2 weeks before Christmas. Second, points for the hard case they arrived in; that’s a huge factor pertaining to the safety and longevity of my sunnies. Those little canvas bags do not work when you’re like me and just throw your sunnies into the black hole that is the handbag. These guys are bag safe!

I’m giving a thumbs up for the sunnies themselves – I love the design, and I actually really like the rubber/matt-style finish as opposed to the shiny finish you get on a lot of sunglasses of this style. This makes the arms quite comfy behind the ears, which is good when you’re wearing them for a while. The lenses, which can also accommodate prescriptions, are AC lenses UV400, and have been great against the glare and sunshine.


I have to be honest. I wasn’t expecting much, considering how cheap they were, but these sunnies are actually fantastic! I took them up on the offer figuring they’d be a decent pair of back up sunglasses, but I’ve worn them every time I’ve left the house since I got home last Saturday, and I’m already looking at ordering the tortoise shell ones as a secondary pair! They’ve got a great range at really affordable prices, a well set-out website with fun things like how to pick frames to suit your face shape, and surprisingly good customer service/help department – the only thing I’d recommend is ordering a few pairs at a time (maybe a joint order with friends) to make the shipping costs worthwhile. Jump on their website and enjoy shopping!


* Disclosure: This post was sponsored financially by SelectSpecs. The opinions contained herein are completely my own based on my experience. *


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