Shop here: Kitchen Witch Cookbooks, New Orleans

Kitchen Witch Cookbooks
631 Toulouse St, New Orleans

It’s lucky we had to leave the hotel at 4.30am this morning, or they’d have been dragging me out kicking and screaming; New Orleans managed to completely capture my heart in a few short but extremely full days.

I’ll be writing about this visit for a while to come no doubt, because there are a lot of things to love about it! One of the things I loved was the small stores, a lot of them quite specialised, absolutely gorgeous and run by the loveliest people, just like Kitchen Witch.

They’ve been around since 1999, but moved locations into the French Quarter after Katrina, to contribute a little to the re-building of the city, and have been thriving ever since. As the name implies, they’ve got a bunch of cookbooks, purveyors particularly of the old, out of print and pre-loved variety, covering everything from Cajun to cookies, and all at very reasonable prices.

The gentleman I met on my visit, who I presume was Philipe, was very helpful. We also had a good laugh at his sign calling for Australian Vegemite donations – I hate the stuff, husband loves it!

It’s a gorgeous shop, a must visit for the keen home cook, and a great place to pick up some local specialty recipes!

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