Eat here: The Halal Guys, New York City

The Halal Guys
6th Ave & W 53rd St, New York

So. The Halal Guys. We’re gonna get to these legends in just a second.

My sibling’s boyfriend took a trip around the States a few months ago to some of the cities we’ve visited; his number one tip for New York? “The Halal Guys.” We passed one of their sidewalk stalls by chance on our first night in the city, and even though we were actually on our way out to dinner, we stopped anyway to get a “snack.” The lamb gyros sandwich. Well shit…

The Halal Guys are a city institution, with their landmark red and yellow umbrellas marking their stands. They only do a few things, and do them exceptionally well, having opened back in 1990 to fill the gap in e market of catering to the high population of Muslim taxi drivers

Read more about them, what they do and how they came to create the empire that now is on their website; I’m just here to tell you that the food is freakin unreal! We went back to their 53rd and 6th Ave location for dinner tonight, our last night in NYC, and grabbed a gyros bowl each – USD$7.00 for the most ridiculously big pile of rice, salad and lamb. This is really damn good food, quick service and the nicest guys serving it up.

Could not be happier to have been given the heads up on this place; it doesn’t appear in any of the tourist guides, but it should! Grab a friend and a bowl, take a seat on the sidewalk, and enjoy some amazing food!

The Halal Guys on Urbanspoon

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