Eat here: 5 Napkin Burger, New York City

5 Napkin Burger
2315 Broadway, New York

So we’re walking around yesterday through Central Park. Amazing place, the perfect concrete jungle sanctuary, where I could happily spend a few hours a day just sitting in there and reading or writing or practicing yoga or just being.. Really, really beautiful place.. But %#@$ it was cold!!!! Around -8 Celsius I think, with much colder gusts of wind – it eventually got to the point that my fingers were actually aching through my thinsulate gloves, like someone had just hit each tip with a hammer… How the hell do you guys just walk around so calmly like you’re used to this cold?!

Anyway, we’d been dealing with it fairly well, but it got to the point where we’d been out and waking about for 4 or 5 hours, and I was cold and hungry and finally had a decent appetite for the first time in a while. I soooo wanted a burger; the burger gods came together to help me out and put us in the vicinity of a 5 Napkin Burger location (hallelujah!), which we numbly stumbled into and slumped into a booth to defrost.

The restaurant was really nice, a full bar set up and prompt, friendly service. We both ordered the Original 5 Napkin, medium rare, and they arrived within 10 minutes.

The Original is a little concoction of a 10 oz. fresh ground beef pattie, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and rosemary aioli on a soft white bun. It also came with a decent serving of fries, a nice addition to a burger than cost USD$16.75.

I’m stoked I ordered it medium rare; cooked to absolute perfection and made all the difference in taking it from a good burger to a great one. The gruyere and caramelised onion were perfect accompaniments, and just the right amount of aioli. Even the chips were magnificent, crunchy golden brown, well seasoned. Couldn’t fault this one bit; it was a surprisingly amazing burger (wasn’t too sure about a place that does sushi and tacos as well as burgers…), exactly what I felt like, and up there as one of the better burgers I’ve had over here!

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