New Maxwell Street Market & Rubi’s Tacos, Chicago

Our last day and night in Chicago 😦 I have to say, I’m going to be really sad to leave this city; I’ve really gotten to like it here. This morning we ventured out to find the New Maxwell Street Market, having heard it was a nice way to spend a Sunday morning. We had an initial misadventure, having visited the old market site instead of the new one (it’s been relocated by the city a few times) and eventually found it at 548 W Roosevelt Rd (blue line to Clinton and a short walk!). We’d gone off information that the market is basically 1 part food to 2 parts trash-n-treasure; it was more a 10/90 ratio.

Perhaps it was the very cold temperature (somewhere around the -3 degree Celsius mark), or maybe it was the fact that we’re between Christmas and New Years, but it was super quiet! Held in what looked like an older industrial area, there were maybe two dozen stalls that resembled a giant garage sale, and only 4 food stalls that we could count; we only needed one.

Rumour had it that Rubi’s tacos are the must-eat dish at the market, so that’s what we had for breakfast! We tried the tacos al pastor (pork) and wow they were amazing… Little squeeze of lime, fresh tortillas hand made as you wait, perfect! I can see why the line was so long and people say it’s worth the wait; when a taco place is full to the brim with local Mexicans, you know it’s gonna be good!!

The market wasn’t worth visiting for the shopping, but was more than worth visiting for the tacos at Rubi’s!!

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