Eat here: Au Cheval, Chicago

Au Cheval
800 W Randolph St, Chicago

Just got back to our apartment from lunch here to slip into a burger coma/get out of the wind for a bit (have had a raging cold/flu situation going on for the past 5 days now!) and thought it’d be a good time to post this one – a burger this good shouldn’t need to wait until my return home!

I’d heard a lot about the burgers at Au Cheval – they seemed to make every list when I Googled “best burgers in Chicago” leading up to this trip, and for good reason. We arrived around 1.15pm today, Saturday, and were given an expected wait time of 25-45 minutes, which we deemed acceptable, and took a seat at the bar to wait. Gorgeous little place, dark and old-school, booths and counter seating available. We were moved to our seats at the counter after half an hour, and got to watch a well-oiled kitchen machine at work while waiting for our burgers.

We opted for the Au Cheval cheeseburger with an egg, as that seemed to be what everyone else was ordering. Great option.

A perfectly toasted bun help the double pattie and cheese business on one end, and a creamy aioli-like sauce, chopped raw red onion, pickles and a perfectly fried and soft-yolked, chive-sprinkled egg on the other.

Gotta be honest, can’t really think of another cheeseburger I’ve had that was better than this. Meat was perfectly cooked and seasoned with a little crust happening and a still-pink centre. Good bun-to-pattie ratio, great cheese, and the egg yolk was the best sauce you never knew you needed with it.

Absolutely on point, well and truly worth the wait, do yourself a favour and get there when you visit Chicago.

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