Eat here: Morning Glory’s Market Restaurant, Hoi An

Morning Glory’s The Market Restaurant
3 Nguyen Hoang Street, An Hoi Islet


Sibba and I are both keen eaters. We also both love to cook. And, if I may say so myself, we’re both pretty good. So it was only natural that we decided we’d need to do a cooking class in Vietnam. We’d heard from every man and his dog that Morning Glory was not only the place to learn to cook, but to eat as well; we thought we’d take advantage of their offerings and booked a cooking class that included an all you can eat buffet breakfast. More on the cooking class itself tomorrow – first, let’s talk Vietnamese breakfast of champions.

The market restaurant was so beautifully set out – different stations all produced different food, clearly labelled and manned by smiling chefs who were happy to offer further assistance and explanations. We took our seats and were told that we were free to eat as much as we wanted in the next hour, before we would be collected to start the cooking class and market tour. We were just a little bit overwhelmed, no idea where we should start, not knowing how many plates were appropriate to have on our table at once. We started with our unanimous favourite – coconut sticky rice. To make it even better (didn’t think that was possible, but it was!), we also added some of the accompaniments lined up beside the rice pot – shredded coconut, freshly toasted peanuts, and the most incredible crushed peanut/salt/sugar mix. One of the best things I ate in Vietnam – Sib agreed.


It was a bit hard to know where to turn next – we both went our own ways and grabbed a few different things each, so we’d be able to nibble off each others’ plates and try more. I went with the mini Hoi An breakfast pancakes with pork sausage. Crispy, tasty perfection in nifty little hand-held bowl shapes, and the pork sausage was better than I’d have thought possible. A little bit of spice, followed by an almost sweet flavour. So good!


The last plate I tried was filled with a few different dumplings. The ones on the top right side were really nice, in a transparent skin. Two were filled with shrimp, and the other white looking one was a tapioca dumpling. I was worried the shrimp might have been a little too seafoody for breakfast, but they were actually quite subtle; the deep fried garlic and shallots they were served with, as well as the sweet chilli sauce to dip in balanced the shrimp out surprisingly well. The bottom plate was a shrimp dumpling ball on top of a croquette – can’t remember what was in that, it was fairly plain though. The croquette was amazing, crispy but simple. The dumpling, in this case, was too fishy for my stomach, so I didn’t quite finish it!


Finally (we were filling up at this point and still had our trip to the market and class to go), I couldn’t go past a mini Hoi An cupcake – they were being baked fresh, in a little cast-iron skillet with little flower-shaped holes in it that wouldn’t have been much bigger than the size of a thimble. I have no idea what they were made with, but they were so soft and light, unlike any other cakes I’ve had before.


It was an absolutely fantastic way to start the day and a gorgeous introduction to the amazing world of Morning Glory which we’d heard so much about! I can completely understand why everyone raves about it so much – I just wish we’d had the time to check out some of the other restaurants they run for a lunch or dinner! There’s always next time 😉 and I did buy the cook book! If you’re in Hoi An and you want a one-of-a-kind breakfast experience, I couldn’t recommend the Market Restaurant more highly!

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  1. Hi Jess, thanks very much for sharing your experiences of the Market Restaurant and Cooking School in Hoi An. We love to receive feedback from our customers!

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    Thanks again for your feedback and lovely photos.

    Taste Vietnam by Ms Vy, Hoi An, Veitnam

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