Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt

A while ago I wrote a little post and put some photos up of our horse ride from Kom Ombo to Edfu Temple. But what about Kom Ombo? It was a pretty amazing space, actually.


Built somewhere around 180 – 200 BC, this temple was constructed during the Ptolemaic dynasty and was unusually built to honour two gods, Sobek and Horus.


What I found most incredible was the fact that there was still colour, clearly visible, on a lot of the columns and even ceiling reliefs, as you can see in my photos below. It was really hard to fathom the fact that this temple has been around for literally thousands of years, and the colour had managed to stand the earth quakes, floods, sand storms, and everything else that had been thrown at it…



This wasn’t one of the biggest temples we saw, but it was a really beautiful one – the thing I remember most, other than the colours, were the ornate columns that you can see below. Very beautiful, very grand, and really made you feel so small… I loved it!



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