Il Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy


Il Ponte Vecchio (or “The Old Bridge” as it translates to) is a pretty popular point in Florence. A medieval stone bridge that lays over the Arno River, it was re-constructed in it’s current form in 1345 after a flood destroyed an existing bridge. It was also miraculously the only bridge in the city not destroyed by the fleeing Germans in World War II.


There was also a corridor constructed above the bridge in the mid 1500s, in order to connect the Palazzo Vecchio to the Pitti Palace. While the bridge was originally occupied by butchers, it’s now well known as the place to buy jewellery in Florence and as such is very popular with the ladies (not so much with their poor husbands and boyfriends)!

It’s a really lovely place to take a stroll come dusk – the sun setting over the neighbouring bridges is a beautiful sight, and the atmosphere changes come early evening, less frenetic and more relaxed.



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