Ha Long Bay, Vietnam



As you can see from the pictures, it sadly was not the sunniest or clearest day when we visited Ha Long Bay. No matter, it’s beautiful regardless. If anything, a little more interesting and mysterious, what with the fog and mist and all.

Ha Long Bay is located about a 3 – 4 hour drive out of Hanoi, and is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, in the Quang Ninh Province. The name literally translates to “descending dragon bay,” and it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994.The bay includes, I believe, almost 2000 islands and islets, and is just breathtakingly beautiful, especially when you’re floating through it on a boat, without a single care in the world…

We took a fantastic trip with Intrepid Travel; our guide was one of the best I’ve ever encountered. He knew his stuff inside out, and managed to explain it in a way that continued to be interesting and engaging all day long. If you’re interested, this is the trip we did, and for $118 per person including transfers, an enormous lunch, a top notch guide and driver, and a few other little surprises, it was money VERY well spent.

For an extra, very tiny fee (so small I can’t actually remember what it was now!), we paid the locals at the fishing village we visited to hire out a few canoes, and paddled ourselves around for a while. It was a truly incredible experience, to be out on the calm, still water, enveloped in calm.

But you’re not hear to read about it; here’s what it looked like on the day we visited…






10 thoughts on “Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

  1. Finally! 😀 I’ve been waiting for this post! 😉 Too bad about the weather, still beautiful though!! (I’ve been doing a lot of research on Halong Bay and I haven’t come across any cloud-free pictures yet)

    1. Oh yay! So glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I haven’t seen a heap of first hand pictures that are cloud free either, but it honestly just made it more amazing in real life!

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