Eat here: All Day Donuts, Melbourne

All Day Donuts, Brunswick, Melbourne

I’m a HUGE fan of the work of Raph Rashid, the genius behind such favourites of mine as Beatbox Kitchens and the Taco Truck. Naturally when I heard he was turning his brilliance towards donuts as his next venture, I was ridiculously excited. I love carbs, I love sugar, it’s a party.


A nondescript little brick front marked with a printed sign with directions for Beatbox and Taco Truck deliveries indicated we were in the right place. It was set up like a small, unadorned school cafeteria, with your 6 options presented upon entry.


It was tough, but we narrowed it down to the original, the raspberry glaze and the strawberry cheesecake.


The donut itself was delicious – it was light and fluffy, not too thick, cakey or doughy. Also, didn’t taste like a deep fryer, as some donuts often do. And they were FRESH. Like, still a little warm. Apparently, the average kitchen to mouth time is around 30 minutes – I believe that. So dough, massive tick.


The original glaze was really nice, but I loved the raspberry glaze! And the milk berry rubble was UNREAL! It was like little chunks of love perched up on the donut – a really superb donut that I look forward to eating again, and husband agreed!


Lastly was the strawberry cheesecake donut, which was purely for my benefit (husband doesn’t do cheesecake, fool). It. Was. AMAZING! Same gorgeous, light dough filled with a ton of soft gooey cheesecake business. It was silky smooth, very flavourful without being overpowering, and crazy delicious. Want another one. Now.

They weren’t particularly cheap ($13.00 for the lot), but I’m a believer of paying decent money for a decent product. I was more than happy to part with $13.00 for these, because I honestly thought they were that good. Believe the hype, go and grab some.

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